We can all agree that this year has been pretty rubbish, which means it’s no surprise that when a milestone birthday comes along people want to celebrate in the best way possible. And since we all can’t be together, sending a heartfelt gift is the next best thing. As a single mum, buying for kids or for people around my own age is fairly easy – I already know roughly what those age groups like; but what about for someone celebrating a 60th or 70th birthday? 

That’s where Historic Newspapers can help out. Their range of newspaper birthday gifts can be seen here, and make fantastic gifts for the older generation. Newspapers nowadays, (even the high-brow ones) are often filled with the scandal of local celebrities; the actual ‘news’ is often lost in the shuffle. Many people I know don’t even get newspapers delivered regularly, preferring to get their news online, or only buying the paper if there’s a special deal on. People my parent’s age though, still get that regular newspaper delivery, a way of life they’re used to and enjoy.

With the world the way it is at the moment, it’s no wonder people are looking to reflect back on better times; an historic paper allows them to do just that. It was once thought that nostalgia was a negative thing, the word itself was coined in the 17th century to describe the homesickness of soldiers fighting away from home. Nostos in Greek essentially means ‘homecoming’, and algos meaning ‘pain’. This article from the New York Times looks further into it, but essentially summarises that nostalgia is a good thing. Those who think happily about the past are not necessarily against living in the present, or looking towards their future. It’s all about balancing those feelings and using them in a positive way..

Various studies by Universities have found that nostalgia is the mind’s way of dealing with, and counteracting, the feeling of loneliness. Reminiscing on better times together can bring people closer, and promote feelings of love. 

A particular study conducted by psychologist, Erica Hepper at the University of Surrey found that levels of nostalgia vary depending on age. Young adults tend to ‘nostalgie’ a great deal, possibly due to the many life changes that occur during this time (children, marriage, job changes, etc). Those in middle age dip slightly in their ‘nostalgic levels’, which then rise again as they enter old age. So with ‘middle age’ defined as around 45-65 years old, and ‘old age’ beginning at 65, a nostalgic gift is perfect for those turning 60 or 70.

You can choose the publication of the paper from their birth day, matching the one they may still read now, and give them a piece of history. Your generosity of such a thoughtful gift can promote feelings of generosity as they look back into the past. It’s even been said that feeling nostalgic can actually make people feel warmer, so why not give a milestone birthday gift that’ll warm them up this winter?

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