Education is said to be the key to success. In many parts of the world, there is now a growing demand for school buildings for the expansion of the educational sector. The rapid expansion in the world’s education system is giving rise to new challenges such as a lack of school buildings to comfortably accommodate students. There is a demand for extra space, better and functional facilities, high-quality buildings, and reduced costs.

Is the renovation of older existing structures a possible solution to this problem? Well, not exactly! It can be overly expensive for contractors to upgrade old buildings to modern standards. As result, educational stakeholders must look for more effective solutions to solve the problem of the shortage of classrooms. From science laboratories to classrooms, and office buildings for staff these must provide value for money while offering comfort and convenience to both students and school staff.

Temporary school buildings

In the age of the Covid-19 pandemic, many students have had to stay at home for most of 2020. But with temporary buildings in use, there is a glimmer of hope that some schools may be able to resume face-to-face tuition in the classroom sooner than later.

Known for their flexibility, temporary buildings are exceptional and clever solutions to the problem of congestion in schools. They fit all kinds of needs and are portable. As the population of schools changes with time, temporary buildings can be adjusted to suit the seasons.

Furthermore, temporary classrooms can be constructed in different ways including multi-storey buildings and semi-permanent structures.  If you are looking for temporary, semi-permanent interim solutions, and permanent steel buildings, reach out to Smart-Space. Smart-Space UK has a vast range of low cost and energy energy-efficient temporary buildings for different purposes, including education.

Meeting changing demographics

When demographics change, school systems also need to change with them. It doesn’t matter whether a school is properly managed or not the need for extra space can pop up when don’t expect it. And when that happens, temporary buildings are the best answers. To respond to the increasing need for more space, school administrators are encouraged to consider adopting portable classrooms. With these innovative solutions, students and teachers can get back to the classrooms without seeing more disruption to their academic calendars.

 Portable classroom blocks provide the following long-term benefits to schools that use them. Here are more reasons that many schools are switching to temporary buildings.

More spaces for increasing enrolment

Is your enrolment capacity being affected by the lack of space for students? You can set up temporary buildings to create more room for students and increase your capacity. Temporary classroom blocks can provide the much-needed space for your academic activities to go on smoothly.

Swing space

Construction activities can sometimes block access to classrooms. When that happens, schools may need to use modular buildings as swing space in the meantime.

Multipurpose space

Aside from serving classroom functions, temporary buildings can also find uses in extracurricular activities. If your school doesn’t need additional space for learning, they will surely need teachers, bungalows, gymnasiums, and administrative offices, warehouses, and sports buildings.

In summary, steel buildings are faster to put up than traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. That’s why more schools are now switching to temporary buildings.

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