Your kitchen isn’t just somewhere to prepare meals; for many of us it is the heart of the home and where we spend a lot of time. So you want your kitchen to feel like somewhere comfortable! If your kitchen is starting to feel a bit tired, here are a few suggestions to refresh it:

1. Update your cupboard doors

New kitchen cupboard doors from somewhere like Kitchen Warehouse can make a real difference to your space. You can change the colour or finish and update the entire room.

2. Refresh your lighting

It’s fairly straightforward to update the light fittings in your kitchen, and this can make a big difference to the overall feel of te room. Why not opt for chrome spotlights to really add some class.

3. Add a lick of paint

The beauty of a kitchen is that since there is usually not much wall space to be repainted. With an oven, backsplash, wall units and so on, the actual space that requires paint is minimal – so it can be a really quick and easy job to update the wall colour

4. New backsplashes

If you have backsplashes in your kitchen, updating them can make a big difference. coordinate with the cupboard doors and walls, or perhaps choose a contrasting colour to really stand out

5. Replace blinds and curtains

Another really simple change your can make is to replace the blinds and curtains. Window blinds can end up dull and dusty in any room, but especially in the kitchen. Replacing them can lift the feel of the kitchen and add a splash of colour.

6. Replace your kitchen cabinets

If you’re really in the mood to refresh your kitchen, why not look at redesigning the whole layout, with new kitchen units. You could change where the cabinets are in the room, or just look at better use of storage space in your existing set-up.

7. Update your accessories

If your budget won’t run to a full redesign, work with what you have. New kitchen taps, a new drainer, new handles on doors and drawers and other accessories can still provide an updated, fresh look for your kitchen.

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