What is CBD? CBD oil has numerous health benefits and researchers are constantly finding new reasons for people to take CBD oil and new ways it can improve our health. But does it matter what time of day your take CBD oil? What are the benefits of taking CBD in the morning vs the afternoon vs the evening? 

This article will examine the numerous ways that patients can benefit from taking their CBD oil products at various times of day. The answer will largely depend on the specific user, what health benefits he or she is trying to gain from using CBD oil products and how the products work on his or her body.

Some people prefer to take a cannabinoid before bed to help them relax and fall asleep. Others like to take it in the morning to help them concentrate before they head off to work and do their daily tasks. And still other people prefer to take small doses throughout the day to keep the level of CBD oil in their bodies relatively constant and level.

Whichever way you prefer to take them, it is best to make your CBD oil intake a regular part of your daily routine so you are consistent with your usage.

Benefits of Taking CBD Oil Products in the Morning

One of the main benefits of CBD oil products is an increased ability to focus. Most CBD oil products produce a calming effect on the brain. This in turn helps patients focus better on whatever their daily tasks are going to be. 

If you take smaller doses of CBD oil products, this can help you stay awake in the morning. It won’t make you jumpy or more alert like caffeinated products do, but you will feel a definite separation between your sleep time and your awake time.

Taking CBD oil products in the morning not only relaxes your brain, but it can help relax your muscles as well. Muscle tightness can cause cramps or discomfort. You can take a topical cream and apply it directly to sore muscles before you start your day to give you chance to relax them and take away the discomfort that can distract you from your daily tasks. It can also be helpful after your morning workout or exercise routine. Using CBD oil products after you work out can also help speed up your recovery time. 

Another way CBD oil products can help you feel better in the morning is that they can reduce stress levels. Yes, you can take CBD oil to relax. If you’re feeling anxiety or stress over a big presentation or project at work or because of life’s numerous daily challenges, taking oil products can reduce those negative feelings and help you function better throughout the day.

Getting your day off to a positive start and giving you a positive outlook are helpful to patients in the short term and long term. Anxiety and stress can cause or exacerbate so many health problems like ulcers, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. CBD oil can help reduce these issues by making you feel better today and preventing chronic problems from developing down the line.

Why Take CBD Oil in the Evening?

While taking CBD oil in the morning is beneficial, there are several other benefits to taking CBD oil products in the evening.

If your day has you stressed out and it’s difficult to unwind, CBD oil products can help. Studies show they reduce stress and have a calming effect on the body and the brain and will prepare you to sleep and end your day on a good note.

In addition, CBD oil products will help you prevent that feeling before bed when you just can’t stop your brain from racing and thinking about so many things. Your mind will slow down and relax as a result of taking CBD oil products and this will help put you in the proper frame of mind to end your day and get a good night’s sleep.

Studies have shown a dose of CBD oil about 30 minutes before bedtime can also help you fall sleep faster and sleep better throughout the night. One of the benefits of cannabinoids is that they encourage a proper sleep cycle and can prevent patients from waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night, from having vivid or scary dreams and from being restless and moving around in their sleep. As a result, you will wake up feeling more rested and refreshed the following morning and be in a better position to start your new day. 

The overall effectiveness of these products will also depend on what way you choose to take them. Make sure the method of delivery you choose to take your CBD oil products matches the intention you have for their usage. 

For example, vaping and smoking CBD oil creates an immediate effect, but it won’t last as long as some other methods of intake. 

If you use edibles or gummies, make sure you take them a few hours before you want to feel the effects of your CBD oil products. It may take longer to kick in, but edibles and gummies also last longer in the body than the other methods of ingesting CBD oil. 

Topical creams are great for muscle pain, soreness and stiffness and should be used either shortly before or just after a workout for maximum benefit. When applied directly to the desired area, they should start working in a matter of just a few minutes. 

Finally, tinctures – like the ones sold by Penguin CBD – are designed to work relatively quickly on the body because they are placed under the tongue where a lot of small blood vessels are located. While you can start to feel the effects of tinctures in less than 15 minutes, they will last about four hours, significantly less than gummies or edibles which can last for up to six hours at a time.

Whenever you decide to use CBD oil products, make sure you choose the delivery system and the timing that works best with your desired result. If you do, these products can really make a big difference in your life both in the short term and in the long run.  

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