Enthusiastic feminists who love a dorky and quirky side are probably aware of the British cartoonist and comedian, Jessie Cave. Jessie Cave has been active in cinema, playing Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter franchise. But she’s also an accomplished creative individual, launching a comedy hit at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. However, Instagram users may know Jessie for her feminist and funny cartoons of modern women, which she posts on the platform. The young woman is an inspiring creator. More importantly, she’s a busy mom who’s not afraid to share the lows and highs of her motherhood and parenthood journey. 

At the time of writing, Jessie is expecting her third child and has taken to social media to ask for tips on the pregnancy, proving that you can never know too much! For expecting mothers who have not yet experienced childbirth, Jessie’s sobering approach could unleash a sea of anxious thoughts. Indeed, your first pregnancy is a new experience. When you don’t know what to expect, you want to turn to books and friends for advice. Sure, those who’ve been through the same experience can help you find comfort… And then comes Jessie Cave exploring her third pregnancy with new questions and worries. Does that mean there is no comfort for expecting mothers, even when they’re experienced?

Find ways of reducing pains

Every pregnant woman thinks about childbirth. The birth is always represented as a painful experience. Is it something you can learn to alleviate and embrace? It’s natural to worry about pain, especially when you are pregnant for the first time. Every woman has a unique and different experience. However, many agree that you can find ways of making late pregnancy and labour more comfortable with a birthing ball. Indeed, as your body goes through a lot of changes and pressures, you can use the ball to reduce back pain, pelvic and abdominal pains, and relieve stress, before, during and after birth. Sitting on the ball can also encourage the baby’s descent, leading up to a smoother delivery, for instance. More importantly, a lot of women agree that the ball has helped with stress and anxiety management during pregnancy. The more stress you experience, the more painful the experience will be. 

Learn to listen to your inner voice

There are many books about pregnancy and birth. However, books can only help you so much. A lot of future mothers can confuse early contractions before going into labour with minor bumps and digestive discomfort towards the end of the pregnancy. Don’t blame yourself; it’s impossible to know for sure unless you’ve already been through it! But, you can use the duration of the pregnancy to tune in to your intuition. Your inner voice is always talking and lets you know what your body and mind are going through. You can practise meditating and asking your intuition to find a way to connect with your baby before birth. It can enhance your sensations and help you find the right direction when you’re unsure. 

Comfort and the birthing journey may not seem like they belong together. However, helping your body and your mind prepare for childbirth can make a big difference to the way you experience it. You can learn to get comfortable with the new sensations of your body and find the answers to many of your queries (or fears) in the process. And, perhaps, you can also take inspiration from Jessie Cave, who embraces the journey with an open mind and a desire always to learn more. 

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Vicky Charles

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