Vacation –  a time for collecting memories and feeling refreshed. Regardless of what your goal is, taking a couple of days off is definitely what everyone needs, particularly to dim all the stressful moments of life. So be it an experience filled with outing or a tranquil escape, relaxation is a must except if you end up in an awful luxury hotel suite. 

Not that we have to state this, but the effect of lavish rooms, 24/7 incredible room service and obviously, a magnificent bed can not be neglected. We all have encountered the magic when we get under those fluffy spreads, those fresh perfect cotton sheets and those clouds like soft and lightweight bed pillows that just make one dive into them.

Ever wondered why these luxury suites beddings and pillows are so comfortable that it makes you forget all these stressful thoughts going on in your head? How do these suites make us sleep like a baby at night and not wanting to get out of bed every morning? Such luxury hotels use the top quality bedding and pillows for your comfort that you can purchase too and make your bedroom look like a luxury suite.

Soft Down Pillows

Down pillows are the most famous out of the considerable number of pillows, mainly due to their uniqueness and structure. Manufactured with super delicate feathers acquired from either Goose or Duck Down, these extravagant pillows can bring comfort to any room. 

Down Pillows are super soft, cushioned and have a long lifespan as opposed to other extravagance pieces. You will definitely find these pillows dominating the luxury suites of  the most popular five star luxury hotels including Hilton and Marriott. 

What makes these pillows so comfortable, you ask? Of course, it’s the premium down fill but if you want to dig down deeper, this article by Pillow Insider covers it in detail.

The drawback, in any case, is that these extravagant pillows can cause inconvenience to people who are intolerant to allergies. Moreover, these pillows include feathers, and the costs of these sets are so high that you won’t generally find them in your conventional hotels.

Feather Bed

Nothing takes after resting in a five-star luxury suite than including a featherbed on top of your mattress. It remains the ultimate secret behind the comfortable bedding of the five star hotels till date. These lavish suites include a featherbed as a top bedding to wow visitors with an amazingly soft bedding and a peaceful night’s sleep. The evenly spread feathers and down guarantee the perfect comfort and solace that can be best depicted as dozing off on a cloud. 

Featherbeds have been around for a long time. In the former times featherbeds were an extravagance held uniquely only by the well off. A pride ownership that would stay in the family’s assets and prized for ages. Fortunately the era has changed and each and every individual who demands an extraordinarily comfortable night’s sleep can have one of their own.

Fluffy Down Comforters

Most luxury hotel employees are entrusted with the important errand of finding comforters that can work for a wide variety of preferences by the guests. Most luxury suites go for top notch hypoallergenic down fillings to keep their guests from getting any allergies. In order to guarantee a peaceful and blissful night’s sleep, comforters including a higher fill power are liked. 

Lavish suites give specific consideration to the texture for duvet covers. Most of the hotels in this way make use of pure cotton shells- the top notch Egyptian ones, which are famous for being breathable and helps guests to sleep cool.

Most five star luxury hotels use lavish and fluffy down comforters that are loaded up with 90% down and 10% duck feathers. They are without any allergens and the filling is encased in 100% cotton shell which is extremely soft. These are lightweight and allergen-free.

Cotton Duvet Cover

Cotton duvet covers add detail and polish to your room. If you long for the solace of extravagant luxury suite materials, you can easily reproduce the lavish feel of a luxury hotel suite in your own room. These cotton duvet covers truly are a statement bedding material- giving off a feeling of extravagance and elegance.

These luxury cotton duvet covers are used by five star luxury hotels to make an amazingly perfect and bold feel in the room. They come in a variety of beautiful colours and designs. They contain pure Egyptian cotton and are soft and smooth to touch.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are so soft and smooth that sleeping in them feels like sleeping on a cloud. Most five star luxury hotels use these luxurious egyptian cotton sheets due to their super soft and buttery nature. If you want an amazing night’s experience, you better get yourself these sheets and doze off in a peaceful and super comfortable environment. 

All-White Bedding

An all-white ensemble is essential for every five star luxury hotel. All-white bedding creates a “halo effect” and most guests in such hotels prefer an all-white bedding made with cottons sheets that are breathable and airy so that they can have a cool experience. If you want to add a luxury suite experience to your bedroom, start with a white bedding. 

Since now you know how much impact pillows and bedding can have on your whole vacation, take this chance to change things in your own room and update your pillow sets and bedding today. We have done our part, now it’s on you to use this information and add that luxury factor to your bedrooms.

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