Sometimes life can be challenging, and we find ourselves in stressful and chaotic periods of our life that are difficult to get through. While this is a natural aspect of the daily ebb and flow of life, it can sometimes feel hard to navigate through. From family problems such as misbehaving children to heavy workloads at the office, life can get chaotic and stressful. 

However, there is always a way through the difficult times in life, and we have put together this guide of tips to help you. 

Acknowledge How You are Feeling

One of the worst things you can do when you are struggling through a stressful time is to try and ignore what is going on around you. There is no shame in admitting to yourself that you are feeling stressed and that things are getting on top of you. So, you should take the time to acknowledge that you are feeling stressed and recognize the amount of pressure that this difficult time is putting on you mentally and physically. This will help you to deal with the added stress more effectively.  

Reach Out to Friends and Family 

Once you have admitted to yourself that you are suffering, you should reach out to those closest to you so that they can help you out. Suffering in silence can make any problem you have ten times worse, and by opening up to others, you can get the support you need. Remember that your friends and family care about you and want to be there for you – so let them! 

It is common for you to take out your mood and frustrations on those around you, so by sharing your stressful time with them, they can help you appropriately. 

Get the Sleep You Need 

When you have a lot on your plate, you can find yourself working longer and harder to try and ease some of the stress. However, this can mean you are doing late nights and early mornings, and you don’t end up getting the sleep that you need. 

Sleep is essential for our overall mental and physical health, so if you don’t get the sleep you need, you will find that you start to feel worse under pressure, not better. So, no matter how busy and stressed you feel, make sure that getting enough sleep is a priority. 

Having a comfortable and good-quality mattress is the first step to getting the sleep you need, so be sure to upgrade your old one. Labor Day is a good time to get one as you can get some great deals on the best mattresses on the market. 

Do One Thing at a Time 

Remember that you are only one person, and you can only do so much. Stressful times can be made a lot worse if you put additional pressure on yourself and expect yourself to do more than you can cope with. 

When you are stressed, you may be tempted to try and multi-task, but this can result in you feeling more stressed. So, just deal with one issue, challenge, or task at a time and feel proud of yourself for navigating through this difficult period. 

Self-Care is Everything

Sometimes, we just need to take a step back from whatever it is that causing us stress and take some time for ourselves. Self-care is everything and can range from small daily activities such as making sure you always have a nutritious breakfast to having a long relaxing soak in the bath at the end of the day. 

Stressful times can often feel overwhelming, but by following our tips and advice, you can come out of any difficult period stronger and accomplished. 

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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