Yoga leggings are a part of every single woman’s closet, regardless of whether she does yoga or not. They are simply one of the easiest and most comfortable items of clothing to put on and move around in, and they come in so many different patterns, or in a variety of solid colors if you do not like patterns and can be paired with anything. The issue is that there are so many different brands for yoga leggings that it can be kind of hard to know which to choose, especially since prices vary a lot between each brand. Lucky for you, here are all the features you need to look for in a pair of leggings, to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.


This is an obvious point, but it still needs to be mentioned. The first feature you need to look out for in leggings is how fashionable they are. The people behind Evolve Fit Wear explained that yoga leggings with stripes and other patterns on them are trending more than the plain ones. You can also wear these leggings casually every day and can easily be paired with your regular clothes. Getting fit and staying in style shouldn’t be hard.

High-Quality Material

The material used in a pair of yoga leggings determines how durable they are going to be. You do not want leggings that get ruined after a couple of wears or torn when you decide to use them to do some actual yoga. Most leggings are made up of a blend of cotton, nylon, and sometimes different types of synthetic materials that make them elastic. Look for yoga leggings that have a higher nylon and elastane percentage if you want them to be more stretchable and comfortable to move in.


Not everyone has the same body type or shape, this is why stretchiness is an essential property for a pair of yoga leggings to have. They need to be able to stretch to fit different body shapes and different heights. Stretchiness is also important because it allows you the ease of movement so that you can move around without feeling uncomfortable or restricted.


No one wants to wear a pair of uncomfortable leggings. If you feel like the leggings you own are too thin, about to tear, or itchy, then they are not worth their price. Comfort also depends on preference. Some people are not keen on wearing leggings that have high waistbands, while others would not be caught dead wearing any leggings that are not high-waisted.


Yoga leggings are generally worn for yoga or exercise, this means that more often than not, you are going to be sweating when you have them on. This is why having yoga pants that are breathable are important. Breathable leggings allow you to do your exercise without worrying about sweat sticking to your body and making you feel disgusting and smelly.


This is a nonnegotiable feature of any good quality pair of leggings. The seams don’t just create lumps and make your leggings unflattering, but they also create tension which causes chafing. Needless to say, chafing is not something you want to feel when you are doing yoga, exercising, or even lounging around.

Flattering Shape

A good pair of leggings will give you a flattering shape, lifting the areas that need lifting and cinching in the areas that need to be cinched. Basically, they will ensure that you look good and put-together. If the yoga leggings that you are trying on are flattening down areas that shouldn’t be flat and just outlining the areas you want to hide, then they are not what you are looking for.


Opaqueness is a very important feature of yoga leggings. You don’t want people to be able to see what you have on underneath your leggings. Sometimes yoga leggings will have areas that are not as opaque as part of the design and that is totally fine, but if the fabric is meant to be opaque loses its opaqueness when stretched the slightest bit, then you won’t want to be wearing them anywhere.

If you like wearing yoga leggings to exercise in, or simply because you like the way they look on you, then you will need to check out these features. Using this checklist, you can easily judge for yourself whether the leggings you want to buy are worth it or not. As mentioned above, prices range from one brand to the other so you can easily find out if getting a slightly pricier pair of leggings is going to be better or not.

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