It’s safe to say that most of us enjoy a drink now and again. Whether it’s drinks and a meal with a loved one, a glass at the end of the week to bring in the weekend, or drinks with friends after a long day at work. Alcohol helps us to relax and unwind and if it’s also a social occasion, it brings people together who want to have a good time.

Sadly, for some people, the effects of too much alcohol can have a negative impact on their life. Especially if they choose to get behind the wheel of a car when intoxicated. Drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous, you’re not only risking your own life but the lives of completely innocent people – click the link if you’re looking for a lawyer who deals with DUI cases. 

So, if you are caught driving whilst under the influence and charged with a DUI, it’s just a minor inconvenience, right? It’s something you’ll be able to move on from, right? Wrong! Very few people realise that the consequences of a DUI are incredibly far-reaching and can impact the rest of your life. Read on for 4 ways that drinking and driving can affect your future.

The guilt will follow you

If your poor and selfish decision to drink and drive resulted in you killing someone or severely injuring them, then the guilt will certainly never leave you. Guilt is an incredibly powerful emotion that is difficult to shake. It can severely impact your future life choices and your ability to move on from your mistake, casting a shadow over the rest of your life.

Your friendships will suffer

If your friend made a mistake, you may be able to forgive them. But if they ignored your advice and seriously injured or killed someone due to their negligence, you may find it difficult to process. You may find your friend list significantly shortens after a DUI.

You may lose your job

If your job requires you to drive, then you’ll be unable to work. If you’re in a respected role, such as a lawyer, banker, teacher or a doctor then your career will certainly suffer and in some cases, you may be asked to resign. Especially if you’re sharing a practice with others who want to keep their reputation intact. 

Future career options may be limited

If you hope to pursue a certain career that requires an element of driving, then you’ll have to put those dreams on hold. Also, any job you apply for in the future may require to declare past convictions that may impact your application. 

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