It’s a tough time with many people stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The economy has slowed down, and many businesses are wondering if they will be able to make a go of it with social distancing measures in place. Sales for many restaurants are down over last year at the same time. Many owners have had to lay off staff.

Delivery and Takeout Options

Even though dine-in isn’t an option right now, many businesses are offering delivery and takeout methods for customers. Even some restaurants that did not offer these options before COVID-19 are doing so now to get orders to stay open.

Supporting Local

While some businesses have already closed permanently, others are still open. They are providing delivery and takeout to keep afloat and putting in your order could help more than you might realize.

The reality is that while everyone is struggling, coming together provides a way to be stronger. Being able to help businesses while still practicing social distancing helps to safeguard against a second wave of COVID-19.

Keeping money in the community is important to help the economy bounce back after this hard hit. You can even get discounts online like Domino’s Vouchers to save money on your order.

Meal Kits

If you don’t want to cook for a day or two, then meal kits are another great choice that many restaurants are offering their communities. The special-order kids are thoughtfully-prepared packages of food, usually to feed two more people.

The containers you receive are more than just standard takeout. It’s like a mini-catering operation you’re supporting with your money. There are gluten-free and vegetarian options at many places.

Consider Gift Cards

You can support local businesses now by buying gift cards to use when everything opens back up again. The funds will go right away to the restaurant so you’re helping keep them afloat, and you can cash in the gift card when they reopen.

It will be a bit like eating for free there when that time comes. If you have a favorite local eatery, call them up to see if they have a gift card option. They might give them a great idea to start offering that option if they haven’t done so yet.

Ask How to Help

Reach out to your neighborhood coffee shop, diner, or restaurant and ask them how you can help. If they’re struggling, then they could probably use a hand.

For example, the business might have started a frequent diner’s card that will be usable once their doors reopen. It might include a percentage off meals for the first few months or another perk. Putting your investment now into that card could help them while they’re trying to stay afloat, especially if they’ve had to close completely right now.

Another Way to Support Local Restaurants

Another idea is to write reviews online about your favorite places to eat, drink, or have coffee. It will help them get more orders and increase their customer base when they reopen post COVID-19 too.

Final Words on Supporting Local

Coming together to support the community means more now than ever before. If you have loved ones who work in the food and beverage industry or want to help a beloved place stay open, consider helping them during this tough time.

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