Being a single mother has its ups and downs, and it’s only when you’re experiencing it that you can fully understand. On the outside, there’s a lot you can get wrong, and it can be annoying for those who live that life every day. Single motherhood is a different experience for different people, so it is absurd to think every single mother has the same routine and thought pattern. It takes hard work and so you should get the facts right about being a single mum. This article will dive into what these facts are so that you can discard the myths that you’re usually used to.

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  1. Single mothers don’t have a life

Yes, some single mothers are more attached to their children than they are to other adults. Most women (if not all women) had a life before they were mothers, and they can go right back to it when they get the chance – this goes for single mums as well. And just like any other group, single moms also like to meet together just to hang out and bond with others living their lifestyle. 

They actually make a lot of effort so that they are still in touch with their fun side. You’ll not find them going out every weekend like they don’t have responsibilities, but they’ll not always be cooped up indoors either.

  1. Single mothers are miserable

Now this one can be very annoying because if you think about it, nobody has everything in order all the time. Everyone struggles and, at the same time, learns along the way. Granted, it is not an easy affair being a single parent, but it is doable. 

As time goes on, you get better, and things become more manageable. Single moms are not looking for a savior and will prefer to be around positive energy for their children. Also, bending over backward in order to give your kids a good life does not make you miserable. It makes you loving and considerate towards your little ones. 

  1. Single mothers hate men

This is one of the common things you’ll hear about being a single mum based on the perception of how the relationship with their child’s father ended. Of course, it wasn’t the ideal situation, but that doesn’t mean all men are the same. It will definitely affect how new relationships are approached because now it is no longer about her but also her child. 

Also, it could be due to circumstances such as the death of the children’s father that a woman can become a single mother. Therefore it will not be realistic or healthy to assume she hates men. She may try speed dating once in a while to put herself out there once more but at her own pace and when she feels ready. 

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  1. Single mother raise deviants

There may be some certainty to the idea that being exposed to specific environments can affect how children turn out. It is true that the majority of the time, it is better to have two parents in the home for children to have a balanced life. A toxic and harmful environment is likely to make a child develop those traits into their adult lives. 

The fact is, most single mothers know exactly what is at risk and so do their best to create a loving environment for their kids. Sometimes, it is even better than the child is raised by one parent since the other may pose a threat to that positive environment the child needs. 

  1. Single mothers have deprived children

Financial stability is a must for whoever wants to have kids, single or not, and so it’s quite weird to assume only single mothers suffer this plight. Not all parents can afford to do the nicest things for their kids anyway, and it’s not a problem exclusive to single moms. They even go through thick and thin to make their children more comfortable. 

In fact, single mothers are known to overcompensate by doing the absolute most for their children. That behavior is used to deal with the guilt they may feel for being the only one around. They make an effort to do everything they can to ensure that their children live the best life so that they don’t feel the absence of the other parent.

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  1. Single motherhood is not a choice

While it is not every single mother’s fault that they are in that position, they are many others that choose to be that way. Some single mothers actually prepare to go through the journey by themselves. For what reason, they do that is up to them and should not be a reason to put all single mothers in one box. Single mothers who choose to be so can still be happy, fulfilled, and complete with their bundle of joy. They have other things that bring them the satisfaction they need in their life.

  1. Single mothers will seduce any man

The idea that single others are desperate for a man is quite outrageous considering the circumstances that may lead to that life. While they don’t hate men, they are not that desperate to find a man. The companionship might be helpful, but it doesn’t mean they will do anything and everything to get a man. 

Some single mothers are thinking about their children and how a new relationship might affect them before going into one. The fact that someone doesn’t have something doesn’t necessarily mean they want to have something, and that should be their choice. 

So, clearly it is obvious that when it comes to single motherhood, there are many misconceptions that sound silly when you hear it. There is an ounce of truth in some of them, but it is the generalization that makes it more absurd. These represent some of the myths that exist surrounding single mothers and what their life may look like versus the truth of the matter. Hopefully, you are enlightened by the new information and can also correct other people that may think this way. 

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