Just prior to the impact of COVID-19 on our lives, you were talking with your dentist about alternatives to dentures. One of the suggestions that the North York dentist offered was All on Four implants. While now may not be the ideal time to make a decision, why not put your online skills to good use and do some research on this type of implant solution? Here are some of the key facts that you’re likely to come across. 

They Really Can Take Only One Day

It’s not unusual for this type of implant to be described as Teeth in a Day. That’s actually quite accurate. You can go into the dental clinic in the morning and emerge with a full set of teeth after a few hours. Here’s how it works. 

Assuming that your natural teeth are history and the gums have healed, the dental team will insert four implants into the upper and lower gums. Once that’s completed, they will attach temporary plates that look like real rows of teeth. Those are only temporary, since your permanent plates will be prepared using the impressions and other data collected earlier in the process. In the meantime, the temporary plates will provide the function and appearance of a full set of teeth. 

Several days later, you will come back for a quick exam and the fitting of the permanent plates. This part of the process may only take an hour or so. 

They Don’t Slip Like Dentures

One of the key benefits of this type of implant is that everything stays where it belongs. You don’t have to worry about the plates slipping when you’re eating, talking, laughing, or doing anything else. Unlike dentures, you will never need to take them out or use some kind of adhesive to keep them in place. Think of what that will mean in terms of feeling relaxed and comfortable whenever you’re in a public place. 

They Look and Function Like the Real Thing

The implants really do look like real teeth. Unless you tell someone that you’re wearing them, no one will know the difference. Thanks to the way the plates are configured, there are no gaps or other signs that are sometimes associated with wearing dentures. 

In terms of function, you can feel free to chew or bite into foods without any worries. It’s still important to not bit or chew anything that would damage real teeth. For example, chewing ice is not something that you want to do. Other than that, you can expect the plates to function just as your real teeth did in years past. 

A Solution That Lasts

All on Four dental implants are made to last for many years. In fact, you may never need to replace the implants or the plates. Even if you do damage one of the plates, it may be possible to repair it rather than order a new one. Rest assured that if repairs are needed, the dentist will be able to fit you with a temporary plate until the custom one is ready. 

How long will the implants and plates last? There are people who wear them for the rest of their lives. Compare that to replacing a set of dentures every 7-10 years and you have one more reason to go with the implants. 

Remember that while right now may not be the best time to get the All on Four implants, your dentist is still available to help you learn more about them. Should you come across something online that makes you wonder, contact the clinic and ask about it. Ensuring that you have factual information will make it all the easier to decide what should be done once it’s possible to proceed.

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