There’s nothing funny about facing a charge of driving under the influence. The situation is not about getting a slap on the wrist and paying a fine. A conviction will have an impact on several areas of your life. Rather than assuming you can beat DUI in court all by yourself, it pays to retain the services of a lawyer. Here is what that legal counsel can do for you. 

Your Grasp of DUI Laws is Tenuous at Best

There’s a lot more to DUI laws than what you see on television or in the movies. Now is not the time to assume you know enough to make your case. Depending on the particulars, there may be some minor details that a lawyer can related to current laws and legal precedents in ways that you would never dream possible. If that happens to be true, the lawyer can use that knowledge to defend you in court. 

A Lawyer Can Ensure Everything Was Done Properly

Did you know there are specific steps that law enforcement officers must follow when arresting someone for driving under the influence? If something was not done in accordance with those steps, there’s a possibility that the charge could be dismissed. In order to determine if all procedures were followed, you need someone who knows those steps backward and forward. 

That someone is your legal counsel. You can bet that a DUI lawyer knows exactly what the arresting officer must do before, during, and after the arrest. If anything is left out, the lawyer will find it and ensure that detail is not overlooked. 
The Lawyer Can Prepare a Defense Designed to Seek Lesser Charges

There’s more than one way to prepare a DUI defense. Over the course of years, your lawyer has likely taken a number of approaches based on the individual circumstances surrounding a client’s arrest. The lawyer will do the same for you. 

Just as the lawyer will help you understand current laws and precedents, that same legal counsel will go over all potential options for your defense. The goal is to ensure that you understand why certain approaches are more likely to help your case while others may hinder things. This allows the two of you to enter the courtroom with an agreed upon plan for presenting your side of the situation. 

Your Lawyer Can Help You Understand the More Likely Outcomes

Depending on what your lawyer is able to discover from talking with you and going over the official reports, it’s possible to make educated guesses about what could happen in court. This is important, since those projections will help you prepare for the more likely outcomes. That preparation may include everything from spending a short period of time behind bars to losing driving privileges, taking court-ordered classes, and paying fines. While you can hope for the best, your lawyer will also want you to be prepared for an outcome that may not be what you desire. 

Don’t face DUI charges on your own. Retain the services of a lawyer who practices in the areas of impaired driving and driving under the influence. The support that you receive and the potential for a better outcome more than justify the cost.

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