Big houses are great and many of us aspire to own one someday. However, with big houses come bigger responsibilities and bigger bills. 

Deciding on whether to upsize your home can be a difficult decision. How do you know when you are ready? Here are some clear signs it might be time to buy or build a bigger home for your family.

Your Family is Growing

If you’re adding new members to your family and space is getting tight then moving to a bigger home may soon become a necessity. Your growing family members will soon want their own space and they won’t want to share their bedroom with their little brother forever.

If this is the case with your family it’s probably time to think about what space you do need and start looking at the market for a house that fits with your family’s needs. Growing a family in a small space can lead to all manner of issues and confrontations that won’t bode well for our family’s relationships with one another. 

You’re Sick of Renovating

Renovating seems like a great idea to help you adapt your home to your evergrowing family needs. However, renovating can soon become tiring and expensive. Sometimes you just need a fresh start in a home that is more suited to your needs. 

Buying a bigger house, in this case, might be the best idea. Alternatively, you could consider building your new home and actively working with your residential architects to design the perfect space for you and your family.

You Need a New Neighbourhood

Sometimes our neighbourhoods don’t always progress like we would have hoped. Schools can start to perform badly with new management, locals doctors offices close down and the high street is no longer in existence.

In this case, it might be worth finding a new neighbourhood to settle in. This is also a great opportunity to increase the size of your home. A new neighbourhood is a chance for a fresh start in a bigger home that is more suited to your growing family.

You Need to Care for Relatives

Unfortunately, some out loved ones outside of our immediate family need our love and support during difficult times. Elderly relatives that can no longer support themselves may need your support which requires more space in your home.

Moving to a bigger home, in this case, is the best idea. You can provide the person who needs support their own specific space and privacy. You can also opt for a home that will allow you to take the best care of you relative as possible.

You Can Afford It

Whilst moving into a bigger home is not always necessary, especially for smaller families, if you have worked hard and can afford to buy a big home then why not?

Always consider the added responsibility of owning a bigger home before making the decision. A bigger home leads to bigger bills, expensive insurance and more maintenance issues. Whilst you may be able to afford to buy a bigger house, you need to consider if you can afford to live there on a monthly basis.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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