Turning your home into a sanctuary where you can put your feet up, relax, and breathe out the stressors of the day simply by walking through the front door is something that is absolutely achievable with the right mindset and the right interior design ideas.

Interior design does not have to be difficult, and you do not always need an interior design expert to transform your home into your own personal oasis. Life is difficult enough as it is, what with all the never-ending bills, errands to run, and work to get done. You deserve a space where you can truly get yourself into a calm state. The same applies if you are a parent or even a single parent. Your home should be comfortable for everyone in it, and you might find that by using some interior design techniques that even your little ones can begin to take note of the relaxed atmosphere you have created for them.

One of the best gifts you can give to your child is having them grow up in a space where tranquillity lives. As they grow into adults, you will find that they will cherish their childhood home and remember it as something to emulate because of the sanctuary it was for them as well.

Below are a few ways you can create spaces within your living areas that will influence a more relaxed atmosphere.

1. Multipurpose Doors

One way to create cozier spaces within your home is by using barn doors to either separate or bring together your living areas. If you have a living room that is completely open to the kitchen, you might consider installing barn style doors that can roll open just as easily as they roll closed. You can get dual barn doors that open simultaneously on either side of the doorway or for smaller door frames, simply install a single barn door that rolls in one direction. If you are unsure that contrast between the doors and the color of your walls will be too much, consider opting for lighter hardware for barn doors.

2. Kids’ Bedrooms

As parents, we want our children to enjoy playing in their rooms and not just in the common areas of the house. This is especially true when you have had a long stressful day and maybe require a few minutes of quiet time to yourself before you jump back into cooking dinner and doing homework. This is why it is just as important to create a space for your children in their bedroom where they can stay entertained that does not involve the use of electronics.

Try going for a bunk bed where the bottom half of the bed has a small desk area where they can sit and draw, as well as drawers and cubbies for their toys or art materials.

They will feel that is their space to be creative and soon enough you will find that they will begin to organize their area with the things they love to have around them.

3. Use Texture

A great way to make every room in your home feel more relaxing is through the use of colors and different textures. Your living room is a perfect space to layer different textures together, from your rug to the throw pillows on your sofa and even the art pieces on your walls. Using textures instantly creates a more cozy home where you can feel fully at ease.

Use different colors to stimulate those areas of the brain that respond to relaxation. Using greens and blues are both appealing to the eye and promote relaxation within the mind.

4. Minimalist Kitchen

Lastly, let’s talk kitchens. This is the space that likely gets the most use on a daily basis. This is where the family gathers and often the space that needs constant cleaning and attention. A simple tip to making your kitchen a place you like being in is simply by keeping it clean, clear, and minimal with the items on the counters. This gives the eye clear visibility of all the things in your kitchen that you need without having to constantly move things around. Keep everything in its place and toss out any extra items that are only taking up space.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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