No matter how you look at it, mothers should be envied. They give up so many pieces of themselves to make life easier and more comfortable for those in their home. Women feather nests; they make their children their priority and – even when the chores are equal – they take on more than their partner. Women care for everyone around them by nature, and that means women are to be envied. Mothers? Mothers manage fifty billion things at a time with two hands, and working mothers should be admired just as much. There’s plenty of online arguments and battles these days about who has it harder, a mother who stays at home with her children, and a mother who works for her family and then comes home to her children afterwards. 

There’s no contest: mothers in general have it hard. Mothers at home work 24/7 and mothers at work are working 24/7, too. There is no need to battle this one out: we are all in this together! There are things that every mother needs – calendars to stay organised and Nurofen come to mind! But there are things that working mothers need that you may not have considered before you decided to step back into the workplace. It doesn’t matter which side of the table you are standing on, mothers have it hard. So, let’s make life a little easier with seven things that every mother – working or not – needs to make life easier to run.

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A Slow Cooker

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard of the wonders of the slow cooker. Getting up early with the kids is hard, but if you make your morning wake ups a productive time of the day, you won’t have to lament the early start. A slow cooker can be the one thing that you use that changes the game for your day. With recipes like Diet Coke Chicken and a range of stews easy to cook, you can use your slow cooker to set up your day. You can even make porridge in it the night before and have it slow cooking throughout the night. They help you to have a healthy, hot meal without taking up too much of your day.

Dry Shampoo

This is the key to the organised mother. Let’s be honest, getting time to wash and blow dry your hair is a thing of the past now that you’re being called from three places in the house and you have a job to go to everyday. Dry shampoo is everything to keep you feeling clean and fresh – it gives you your time back, and that’s a gift that every mother needs!

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

I don’t think we need to say much more on this one. Whether you’re a wine drinker or not, it’s a handy gadget to have that is going to help at the end of a very, very long week!

Circle – Disney

You may not have heard much about this, but you can control what your children are watching with a few clicks. If the older kids are supposed to be revising but they’re busy watching YouTube, you can block it with a few taps of the phone with Circle by Disney. You can control the internet – well, your home WiFi – with the phone in the palm of your hand. It’s a handy one to have, especially if you want the attention of all the children in the house at once!


Who actually has the time to vacuum their entire house these days? We certainly don’t. Not with work, children and a billion other things to do. With the Roomba, you can use your app to time it to start running, and while it’s expensive, it can work on both carpets and wooden floors and it won’t go tumbling down the steps. Every day, you can set it to go once you’ve gone out, and you come home to a clean and vacuumed house. 

Car Starter

You don’t need to run down the driveway to warm up the car while you are all getting ready. With a remote car starter, you can get it ready by warming it up or cooling it down from inside. Then, you can slide inside the car and be ready for the day in comfort!

A Cleaner

Lastly, every mother can use a new set of hands. You may not need a regular cleaner, but you can call a cleaning service once a month to do a deep clean of the house and you can keep on top of it other than that. It makes such a difference!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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