It can actually be quite a tough task to feel great in our own skin. In fact, what with all of the pressure for social media, and our own tendencies to judge ourselves harshly it can seem like a tall order indeed. All is not lost, however, because there are some relatively simple things that we can do to ensure we feel as good as possible in our own bodies. Just keep reading to find out what they are. 

Look for the positives. 

So many of us are experts. Experts in searching for our flaws. Of course, such as perspective can lead even the most aesthetically pleasing individuals to hate their bodies. An excellent example of this being those in the mainstream modelling industry that are often very unhappy with their physical appearance. Even though the rest of society holds them up as an example of peak aesthetics.

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The good news is that we can reprogramme our minds to see the positives instead of our flaws. Just as we see the good in those that we love over and above anything else. Of course, such a psychological change will need a little work at the beginning. With it being necessary to actively look at ourselves in the mirror and appreciate the positives of our body. 

In fact, our society is often so focused on self-criticism that we can feel a little silly and self-conscious doing this. However, after a while such an activity can help balance out that negative internal monologue that is only focused on our flaws. Something that can truly help us to feel better in our own skin. 

Stop comparing yourself to others. 

They do say that compassion is the thief of joy, and this is very true when it comes to how happy we are in our own bodies. Of course, comparison is almost always nonsensical because the people we are relating ourselves to come from totally different genetics than us. Something that often defines a great deal of our physicality. 

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Fortunately, there is a solution here, and it’s remembering that someone else’s beauty doesn’t detract from our own. In fact, beauty is not a zero-sum game with only enough for one person to triumph. Instead, there are many types and kinds of beauty and embracing our own without comparing ourselves to others is one of the single most powerful ways to harness that. 

Address the issues that are getting you down. 

Often, working on how we feel about ourselves physically is all that we need to see an improvement. However, for some of us, addressing any issues that are interfering in the way we feel can help. In fact, it can be one of the most empowering things we can do. 

Of course, there is a wide selection of options available here, with some folks opting for non-surgical aesthetic procedures, such as fillers. In fact, there are even providers that can offer non-surgical alternatives to things like facelifts and rhinoplasty. Something that makes them much more accessible and less invasive as well. 

Others choose to focus on improving their smile. Something that can help them to build their confidence, both personally and while interacting with others. Unfortunately, the time it takes to straighten out crooked teeth can put some people off such treatment. After all, they don’t want to be stuck wearing a brace for years!

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The good news is that this no longer needs to be the case. In fact, if you are looking to close your teeth spaces quickly, then opting for a fast brace, treatment can be the best option. The reason being that in around 6 months, you will have a vastly improved straightened smile without the usual lengthy wait times involved.

Move your body. 

Another simple tactic for feeling better in your own skin is to move your body. Now, I’m not talking about heading down the gym, clad in Lycra for the most competitive spin class you can find. I’m also not talking about doing physical exercise just as a means to an end of losing weight. 

In fact, what I am talking about here is moving your body for the sheer joy of it. Something that may mean you go for a long walk in nature, or pop your favourite tunes on and having a dance around your living room or kitchen. 

Of course, the benefit of moving your body in this way is that you will release a whole load of endorphins that will make you feel fantastic. Also, by getting up and moving around, you can really start to get a sense of all the amazing things that your body can do. This being something that can help to shift your self-view to one of appreciation rather than criticism. 

Care for yourself with compassion.

In today’s world, there is a lot of pressure to be doing things that are constructive all the time. You know like working at our jobs or on our side hustles. However, a happy and balanced life is one where we can rest and recharge effectively. One where we don’t have to be completing a task off of our to-do list to feel valid and worthwhile. 

With this in mind, showing yourself some compassion and care by allowing yourself to rest is imperative. Of course, engaging in more sedate activities can be easier said than done. Especially when we are used to jam-packing our day full. 

However, there are some relatively simple solutions to consider. One of these being to switch off your media devices and treat yourself to a little quiet time where you read a book. 

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While another may be to adopt a practice of meditation. The aim of this being to stop ‘doing’ and just be for a while. No matter what your emotional or physical state. Something that can help bring your back to yourself, and help you to hold life and your experience with a lightness that can undoubtedly help you to feel better in your own skin. 

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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