As a parent, especially if you’re a single parent, it is always hard to find time to spend with your children playing. However, it is necessary to clear your schedule because your kids might be introvert so they basically crave playing with you. Once you sit down to play with them, make sure you play with more than construction toys, as there are at least 7 fun activities for you and the kids.

Building a makeshift tent

Building blocks are educative and all but you should erect your kids a structure bigger than anything they have constructed before. A tent is the ideal building to create inside the living room with the help of a couple of sheets and rods. There isn’t a child who wouldn’t rush inside, taking the makeshift tent for a pirates’ den. You’ll have to get all four and fight your way inside using a plastic toy word.

Flying a kite

Our next activity takes place outside and it’s a sport that is almost forgotten. Kites were once very popular but kids nowadays don’t know how to fly them. This will turn out to be a good thing because then you show them a kite and then teach them to fly it properly using favorable winds, they’ll be over the moon. The kids will get a good run-out and you’ll get a chance to talk with them for hours.

Exercising together

We’ve said earlier about how hard it is to find a time window to spend time with your kids. Finding time to do fitness, yoga or exercise is also problematic so why not combine the two activities! You can exercise side by side with your children. You can find more on about the equipment and the building of a provisional home gym. Perhaps you’ll take up yoga so you’ll need to get a yoga mat or children will like CrossFit more.

Decorating the driveway using chalk

You know how kids have the urge to paint and draw on everything? Well, instead of telling them off every time they decorate an interior wall, you can designate a floor area like the driveway where they’ll be free to express their artistry. If you really wish for them to enjoy drawing on the asphalt, you can get on your knees and scrabble something of your own.  

A potato sack race

The kids have probably already participated in a potato sack race at a kids’ birthday party but what fun would it be to race their parent(s). If you think you’re too old for this game, then take a look at how NFL stars celebrate touchdowns: with a made-believe potato sack race! There is really no reason not to get your legs inside a sack and starting racing your kids in the backyard.

Exploring the outdoors

You cannot buy love so parents often feel there is something missing when they buy their children toys. The missing element is the fact that in their minds, the kids didn’t do anything to deserve this toy. You can change this and buy a couple of dinosaur toys, tell the children they have been promoted to archeologists, and help them search the yard for buried fossils. They will bring a plastic shovel and you would assist them with where to dig. The joy on their face, once they dig up a toy dinosaur, will be beyond words!

Forming a cutlery band

Finally, grab pans, chopsticks, and cookers to create a drum set. Your kids will form a music band from the cutlery at hand and you can be the lead singer.

The last suggestion might arouse the neighbors with all the loud banging but in general, it’s a lot of fun. In fact, all of the activities listed above revolve around having fun with your kids, as this is the best way to bond with them. 

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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