An escape room is a great birthday party ideas, but there are many different types of escape room puzzles. Learn which is best for birthdays here.

If you’re in the mood to use your brain, work with family or friends, and get a thrill from a job well done, you might want to try an escape room.

Escape room puzzles provide the opportunity to use your Sherlock skills with other team members to get out of confined quarters.

It’s the best way to play a game, use critical thinking, laugh at your mishaps, or cheer your successes.

Think you have what it takes to solve an escape room puzzle then continue reading.

Five Fun Escape Room Puzzles

Escape rooms are interactive games that provide clues for solving a puzzle to get out of a place before time expires.

An Escape room is perfect for kids, teens, or adults. However, some escape rooms are better than others for a specific age group. Speak with a staff member to determine which room to complete for a birthday gathering.

The Kidnapping

Imagine waking up blindfolded and handcuffed with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or BFF? That’s precisely the action you’ll get if you and your friends sign up for The Kidnapping. 

You’ll rely on your deductive reasoning skills to piece together and solve puzzle clues. Be sure to search for hidden clues to get out before the kidnapper returns in one hour. 

If you’re a fan of thrillers and can’t get enough of endorphin rushes, this is the escape room for you.

Alleyway Vigilantes

Do you enjoy fighting crime and living out your superhero dreams? Then the Alleyway Vigilantes is an excellent theme for you. 

You and your teammates will dress up in masks to track down a missing machinist. The machinist is holding valuable information and needs your help.

The police are counting on you, so don’t let them down!


The Dreamweaver places you on the hunt for the mighty magician. You’re trying to find and harness its mystical forces without succumbing to the Dark Prince’s black magic.

To complete the puzzle, faster split up in smaller groups to solve the clues.

Jungle Gem

Do you love learning about the jungle and all its beautiful secrets? Well, the Jungle Gem escape room Raza tribe hid an exceptional gemstone called Electra.

The Electra gemstone emits energy, and the native people protect it. It’s your mission to steal their treasure before they return.

Get ready to work together in groups to figure out your next step.


In Research, your crew is on the lookout for Professor Finn’s secret, underwater lab. Once you’re inside the lab, you must find Sub-Zero, thermoregulator created by Professor Finn. 

Sub-zero was developed from research on the Pompeii worm. 

The heat is on because your team needs to get Sub-zero before the Professor returns, and your air runs out. 

If you like heart-pounding activities, then the Research escape room won’t disappoint. 

Book Your Room

Now that you’re familiar with escape room puzzles, it’s time to schedule your party. Nothing compares to a birthday, team-building exercise, or date night spent in an escape room. Give the gift of chills to the thrill-seeker in your life.

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