Australia has fascinating features that make the large content a huge tourist destination, especially from millennials. They say there’s no better time for the tripe down under, then when you are young! From a profound indigenous history of culture to diverse landscapes, it has unique, friendly locals and native animals. When we are young and able to travel, it is more important to have experience of different things that evolve across the world. It gives a sense of understanding hence making the right decision; traveling while you are young means that you have the energy to move around. It has ten thousand great beaches surrounded by beautiful blue ocean waters! People desiring to travel to Australia should apply for an evisitor visa before going on holiday on websites such as An application for this type of visa is known as evisitor valid for twelve months. Application for this type of visa is much easier and the decision is made within a day. With this new handy dandy visa, some places you can check out include…

Byron bay

Unique for spectacular beaches that you can calmly take a rest, one can also take a surf lesson and sea kayaking tours to spot the turtles and dolphins, or spreading a towel under palm trees to chillax under the warm sun.

Melbourne Nightlife

Melbourne is famous for its many places such as Swanston Street, with secret bars down every laneway where it is a best resting place to have some drinks and fast foods to be served. Party until dawn at one of the many clubs or bars to be found all around the city. 

Great barrier relief

The largest coral reef in the world with 900 islands and 2900 individual reefs provides a spectacular experience underwater, adventure activities and snorkeling the reef. You can swim all around the reefs, scuba dive, whatever you want and become one with the reefs!

Uluru rock 

A massive sandstone that is considered sacred has become a huge tourist attraction. Feeling a bit daring? You can climb to the top to discover sweeping desert views, but be careful going down as it’s known for being very dangerous. 

Surfers Paradise 

Famous around the world for its high waves making it a frenzy for surfers, Surfers Paradise is not a place to miss. It is located close to waves with pretty surfing tricks that originate from Rusty Miller. Bonus tip: There are many beachfront hotels here, allowing you to sleep close to the paradise that provides fresh ocean air.

 Kangaroo Island 

 Home to Kangaroo wildlife, wineries and pristine beaches surrounding it, this cool island offers friendly pubs, accommodation and restaurants that have watering wine and food. You can get hold of an animal and take a selfie for the gram!

 Port Campbell National park 

It is famous for the Twelve Apostles pass and a wave-sculpted rock attractive to the eye whenever you visit. Refreshments are offered at the kiosk of Twelve Apostles when a visitor comes as a thank you, sometimes the best things in life are free.

Australia is a paradise, and everyone should experience it’s wide variety of fascinating and unique features. Grab a group of girls or guys, and take a leap to Australia for your next long holiday. 

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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