Many people have this idea that learning a foreign language is really only best learned at a young age and that is expensive to invest in the resources needed to learn one. However, it is never too late to learn a foreign language and there are many budget-friendly ways to do it. 

So if you want to learn a foreign language, let’s go on to learn a few ways you can do so as well as the benefits of learning another language. 

Here are 7 budget-friendly ways an adult can learn a foreign language: 

Language apps 

There are many language-learning apps available today. The Babbel app has great reviews and one of its strong points is that it helps learners fit in a language session whenever they have free time, since you can use it anywhere, anytime on your smart device. All language apps in general give you flexibility to learn when you can and give you the convenience of a lesson on the go.  


Just remember that when you are starting out, you want to choose books according to your language level. It is a humbling experience to be reading a children’s book as an adult, but it is the best way you can practice pronouncing basic words and reading with a simple sentence structure. Once your level has advanced, many people find it helpful to find their favorite book in the language they are learning. This way, you already know the plot and can focus on learning new words, grammar, and sentence structure while still enjoying the book.

Listen to podcasts

There is a lot of free content available via podcasts. You can choose to listen to a podcast that is a topic of your choosing in the language you are learning or even find a podcast that is a proper language-learning lesson.

Exercise with an international friend

Exercising with someone is a fun way to both get in your physical exercise and also get to chat with a friend. Why not call up an international friend to go for a walk? 

Watch movies 

When you watch a movie in a foreign language you can learn a lot about how words and expressions are used, as well as of course learning new words, etc. So fire up Netflix, add some subtitles, and enjoy a fun but educational movie night! 

Attend a local language group meeting

Many areas have language meet-ups that you can attend to meet other people in your area learning the same language. Some are casual where you can simply talk and practice your language skills, and others are organized as a proper language class. Often times this is held once a week or once every other week, so it can be a fun way to get out and really practice with others. 

Do a conversation language exchange

A conversation language exchange is a wonderful way for native speakers in two different languages to help one another learn their respective language. If you meet for an hour, for example, for the first half-hour you can speak in one language and then switch. As your language skills advance, you can transition into each speaking in the language you are trying to learn or in your native language, depending on your preference. 

Why you should learn a foreign language

There are many reasons why you should learn a foreign language, ranging from the professional advantages to benefits of the mind. In terms of professional advantages, foreign language skills are desirable on the job market and you may just open the door to a job or higher salary with the addition of a foreign language skill. In terms of benefits of the mind, learning a foreign language boosts your critical thinking skills, creativity, cognitive abilities, memory, and more.

Language learning is a skill that you will be thankful in all aspects of your life, both in terms of your individual self and how you interact with others. It is also useful for traveling!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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