If you want to sell your house for the best price possible, it has to be portrayed in the best way possible. Giving the aura or the vibe that the house you want to sell is still your home is not the ‘best way possible’. In fact, it is said to be one of the major reasons why houses sell at a lower price or take longer to sell than intended by the seller.

This is why staging is very important. So, what is staging?

The first thing to know about staging a home is the fact that it is no longer your home. It is now a house; a commodity that is to be prepared for sale. Of course, homeowners should declutter their houses before putting it up for sale. Well, it is a lot more than that. This is where staging comes in. Staging basically has to do with turning your home into something more like a model house that looks cozy and inviting. This involves everything from proper furniture arrangement to clean pools and yards, making it a lot more than decluttering.

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Staging your home can be a DIY project (if you have the time) or done by a professional. Either way, before staging your home has to be prepared for it. You can’t stage a home with a kitchen badly in need of repairs. This is because if a potential buyer sees something in disrepair in one part of the house, he or she can immediately jump into the conclusion that the whole house needs repairs. This could either potentially drive such a buyer away or reduce the asking price of your home We definitely do not want that to happen, do we?

This article would suggest to you some of the best changes you can make to your home to make it ready for staging. 

Here are some of those changes:

Clean and Declutter Thoroughly!!!

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This has to be the first rule in the handbook. There are some things that you will be bound to overlook even if you are a Clean Jean or a Neat Pete! You need your home to look clean and fresh. If you can get help from a professional cleaning crew. The couple of bucks you will have to spend will be more like an investment. Or you can use robots that should clean better than the average person. For instance, you can use robotics to vacuum the living room floor or to clean your pool with a robotic pool cleaner like the Aquabot S300 & S600. Remember that nothing sells better than a clean home.


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Though staging is a lot more than decluttering your home, it is still a very important thing to do before staging it. No buyer wants to see all the volumes of encyclopedias you have. Also, depersonalize the house. If you intend to sell it, lose everything that makes it look like you own it. So, you should say bye-bye to family photos, athletic trophies, Nana’s ashes (we love you, grandmother but we need to sell the house) till you move to your new crib.

Give the Illusion of Space

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When you want to stage your house, you should give the impression that the house is bigger than it is. This is why space is important. Buyers can get scared off easily if they get the feeling that all their stuff won’t fit. So, lose at least one piece of furniture in each room to give the illusion of space. It would go far in an interesting potential buyer.


If these tips are applied, then staging would be a lot more effective.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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