When it comes to footwear, people have all different preferences when it comes to style, color, and textiles, but one thing is always certain – everybody wants shoes that look good and are, for most situations, comfortable and kind to their feet. Sneakers, then, are ideal for a lot of situations, for both men and women, because they offer comfort and practicality while also allowing you to really express your personal style or to capture the latest trends.

 For designers, the casual sneaker is really an opportunity to create a huge and diverse range of styles, from the chic and iconic through to the bold and exciting, and this makes shopping for new sneakers something where you have more choice than with almost any kind of shoe style, and sneakers are also one of the only areas in fashion where many styles can effectively be unisex.

Here are three reasons why, whoever you are and whatever your taste and lifestyle, you should have that one (or more) favorite pair of designer sneakers in your wardrobe:

Designer Shoes Upgrade a Whole Outfit

It is often discussed that people notice shoes more than anything else you wear, and so it can make sense if you are going to push the boat out on some high-end designer style, to spend your money where it will have the most impact. A pair of sneakers that has a luxury look, or which incorporates on-trend branding or design elements, will give a high-end touch to any outfit you pair them with. 

This can be particularly good for men, as sneakers can be one place in your outfit where you can dress with a bit more designer flair without having to be super into fashion. The men’s Givenchy sneakers at SSENSE are a good example of a designer label that has everything from simple and elegant sneakers to bolder, statement designs with seasonal fashion elements. SSENSE is an ideal place to shop for luxury sneakers as they have the latest collections for both men and women from all of the biggest designer brands.

Lasting Comfort and Quality

Investing in a good pair of well-made designer sneakers means you are getting better overall quality than with cheaper versions from fast-fashion retailers. When it comes to shoes, it is always worth spending more to feel comfortable, as ill-fitting shoes or worn-out ones can make walking and standing more awkward, and this can lead to health problems.


Another reason why sneakers are such a good fashion investment is that they are about the most versatile shoe you can own, and that means you’ll get plenty of mileage out of your favorite pair. You can wear them in every season, you can wear them for just about any casual occasion, too, whether it’s a day out, laid back evening drinks, or in many cases even for work, and they go with anything that isn’t too formal. 

These are three reasons to start seeking out a pair of designer sneakers you really love and getting the most out of them!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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