New parents around the world demand the best for their children. No matter where you live it is essential that you find the best possible products to satisfy the nutritional needs of your infant. To this end, many parents around the globe are sourcing their newborn formula from Australia.

This may seem unusual given the abundance of newborn formula options throughout supermarkets and established formula brands in many countries. However, on closer examination, there are many good reasons why new parents should consider ordering their newborn’s nutrition from Australia.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific reasons why consumers outside of Australia are choosing to source baby formula from the land down under.

Quality Control Standards

Australia is known for having relatively solid consumer protection laws that keep products like newborn formula at a high level of quality. Akin to other developed countries, anyone buying infant formula in Australia can have a high degree of certainty that what is on the label of a product is in the product itself.

This is essential for ensuring that your child is receiving adequate nutrition for their development. To be able to read and compare labels either in a supermarket or online to determine what is best for your newborn’s unique needs is vital. This becomes even more important when your child has specific dietary conditions that need to be addressed such as lactose intolerance or allergy.

For this reason, many consumers abroad look favourably on Australian newborn formula products, so much so that they are opting for these instead of their own domestic varieties.

Many Different Varieties

Another reason why many new parents are considering newborn formula from Australia is the sheer variety of products available in the country. Beyond the traditional cow’s milk-based preparations, goat and sheep milk-derived formulas are also readily available.

In countries where these products are less common or viewed with suspicion, they are more difficult to find in conventional supermarkets. Therefore, many are ordering these products from online Australian retailers to raise their children with the nutrition they feel is most appropriate.

However, given the above point about Australia’s high consumer quality standards, any standard baby formula variety you will find from outlets in the country are likely to contain relatively similar ingredients. No formula will be strictly better than any other as such, though personal decision making in these matters is the result of many considerations.

Inadequate Local Supplies

The 2008 baby formula scandal in China was a tragic event that highlighted the need for increased consumer protection laws for baby formula around the world. When the melamine-laced baby formula killed six infants and made over three hundred thousand others extremely sick, the whole world took notice.

Now, China and other countries are opting for sourcing their baby formula from safer suppliers. In fact, increased demand for Australian baby formula from Chinese consumers has led to periodic shortfalls in supply for domestic consumers.

While Australians should be proud of the fact that their products are deemed to be trustworthy and beneficial for infants around the globe, some organisations are taking advantage of the foreign demand for these products. By purchasing newborn formula at market prices in Australia and selling it at a huge markup abroad, many are making a profit at the expense of new parents who simply want the best for their children.

Talk To Your Doctor About Australian Newborn Formula

If you are considering placing an order for a supply of Australian newborn formula, consult with your family physician first. Get them to read the label of your product of choice to make the most informed decision about what is right for your child. However, most formula products you source from Australia will be of the highest quality.

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