The entire pregnancy period can be a rollercoaster. This is the time when there is a lot of chemistry taking place in the body. Insomnia, body and muscle aches tend to be part of everyday life. For some, an overactive bladder and sleep Apnea becomes a lifestyle. As such, good and quality sleep is essential during this phase of your life.  

The type of mattress you use during pregnancy can make a huge difference between a night of restful sleep and a bad one. Therefore, with a wide range of best mattress for pregnancy at and other brands in the market, you must choose the most comfortable for pregnancy. A quality and comfortable mattress help you and the unborn baby to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Here’s how to select the most comfortable mattress for pregnant women. 

Go For Motion Isolation Mattresses

During pregnancy, you are more likely to wake up even with the slightest of noise. At this period, you are a light sleeper. To enjoy quality sleep, a mattress that can isolate, absorb and minimize motion is the best to settle for. Today, there are explicit motion isolation technology mattresses specifically designed for pregnant women. 

Heat Absorption Models

It is vital to choose heat absorption mattresses. Heat can affect your sleep. However, with a mattress that can absorb heat, you are free of humidity and any dissipating heat. Such mattresses are designed with cooling covers and technology. The mattresses are also highly breathable and you can always shop around for the most ideal for you. 

Remember during pregnancy, body temperatures are generally elevated. Having a cool sleeping surface is vital. Fortunately, you can always find super cool, gel-infused and breathable models that will remain cool and great for sleep over a long haul. 

Look For Safe Mattresses

Mattresses are made of different materials. Some contain toxic materials and other chemicals. Therefore, such gases tend to escape from the mattress after some time of use. With long term exposure to the chemicals, you can suffer adverse health effects. 

However, when you go for safe mattresses from reputed brands, you can be sure of a safe and quality mattress for your safety and that of your baby. In this case, it is vital that you make wise and informed choices when choosing your mattress.


Always buy a quality mattress. This is in terms of the type of materials used during manufacture, the design, style and safety. A good mattress should allow you to adjust to different sleeping positions. Remember during the first trimester, sleeping on your back is ideal. In this case, the mattress you buy should align with your body. 

An excellent mattress allows you to enjoy quality sleep on the sides. This is a great sleeping position during the entire pregnancy period. It allows for enhanced blood flow. Therefore, you need to invest in a good mattress that will enhance

Comfortable and quality sleep

Counter the acid reflux, heartburn and other related conditions that tend to occur frequently during the first and third trimester. A quality mattress will not change with any of your sleeping position. Similarly, you can use quality pillows to support your sleeping needs. 

Most importantly, shop for a mattress that will not sag upon experiencing weight. It should align with your body and spine. Such a product will not cause any back, pelvic or lower pain. It doesn’t draw aches in any part of your body. 

Latex and Foam Mattresses

When choosing a mattress for use during pregnancy, latex and foam mattresses are usually the best. They provide the highest levels of comfort, conforms and contours to your body. This further enhances quality sleep, prevents possible disorders and body aches that are common during pregnancy.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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