As parents, the most sought-after activity is a well-earned break. Time to relax and unwind after weeks of working and childcare is one of the most sacred achievements. The Balearic Islands are popular with many holiday-makers for their spotless beaches and vibrant landscape. However, keeping your kids entertained on top of finding time to relax is also crucial. Finding a healthy balance of energy-burning activities and downtime is the best way to enjoy a holiday as a family. Before you settle on which island to base yourself on, here are some of the best spots for small kids on this incredible Spanish archipelago. 

Mallorca’s soft sands

While city beaches are often ideal for families with small children, thanks to their shallow waters and nearby amenities, untouched beaches are often the preferred option for families. Soft white sands and a lack of crowds can make them perfect for catching some rare peace and quiet. While all of the Balearic Islands enjoy perfectly formed beaches and white sands, Mallorca has some exceptional examples of beach beauty that also offers luxury and relaxation.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay where you can hang up swimsuits and alternate beach days for the pool, then Mallorca Villa Holidays allow you to work on your own schedule. Being able to go home and rest as and when you want can help you tailor beach visits to when the kids get tired and hungry. 

Crowded free beaches in Menorca 

Menorca is not only known for having the white sand that makes for ideal holiday snaps, but it is also said to be relatively free of crowds just like Mallorca. Its nearby pine trees are also perfect for small children who can’t spend too much time in the sun. Cala Pilar is also a beautiful beach for families who fancy something a little different. Its sand takes on a charming reddish hue, and it has two different walks to the beach. 

4×4 safaris

Anyone who has travelled with small children will know that sharp bursts of energy can soon be met with extreme tiredness, especially after a long day. The Balearic Islands’ relatively small size can make it tempting to tackle them on foot, whether you’re exploring towns of the countryside. However, many of these islands have Jeep safaris, which are not only enormous fun but allow you to see vast portions of the island in comparatively little time. Some offer outdoor activities or the opportunity to pet horses, so be sure to contact the provider first to see what’s on offer. 


If you want to introduce your children to a bit of culture while you’re out there, Palma is the best place to start. Over half of the population of Mallorca live there, so you can guarantee there’ll be plenty of places to eat and visit. There are cathedrals and museums, too, as well as some stunning views of its port. 

The Balearic Islands make the ideal holiday location for families with small kids. Thanks to their vibrant histories and beautiful outdoor beauty, you will find a happy balance of education, fun and culture.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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