When you begin having children, you have to make certain adjustments to your lifestyle to make room for them, one of these is usually having to buy a new car; saying goodbye to that sports car you finally managed to afford in order to make room for a far more practical and larger vehicle. Most opt for one of the 4x4s marketed towards growing families but realistically, a van is a far more sensible choice. Here’s why you should consider this unusual option as your first family car. 


You may think that a van would be far less comfortable than a plush 4×4, but these days van manufacturers are focusing on creating vehicles which excel in both utility and comfort aspects. You’ll find that most now have the same quality seats you’d find in a standard family car, some even having mod cons like heated seating, arm rests, and cup holders. Comfort is also given by a number of the more traditional features of vans. For example, the larger doors, sometimes sliding, allow far more manoeuvrability when it comes to getting children in and out and seated properly, as well as when arranging luggage. 

Due to the difference in chassis size and shape, vans will be more spacious generally which is a welcome change for parents with two or more children. This also allows for more room when it comes to cleaning, which as most parents know can be a task of epic proportions when it comes to your family vehicle. Vans are designed to sit closer to the ground which is also really useful when it comes to lifting children and luggage and is always more comfortable than the big leap that is required to get into most 4x4s.


One of the most obvious advantages of using a van as a family vehicle is the large amount of storage space compared to cars; all parents know that fitting everyone’s luggage into the boot of the car ready for a family holiday can be as stressful as a game of Jenga. With the storage that a van provides, not only would you be able fit everything in nice and easily, you wouldn’t need to cut down on anything you might need in order to do so. Another advantage of this space is that it can be used for other things once the luggage has been unpacked. For example, if you have young children it acts as a private area to get them changed, or somewhere for them to play if it starts to rain while you’re out for a walk. For those of you with mischievous children, it can also make a great time out area for them, where they can calm down. If you have pets, vans really come into their own too as they offer plenty of space for them to be comfortable during long journeys. 

Van Insurance

If you do decide to choose a van as your family vehicle, make sure you use a van insurance broker to update your insurance policy, as it will be different than what you would need for a car. You may even find that it is cheaper as vans are not notorious for high speeds or other risky driving behaviour. Don’t be tempted to avoid getting insurance, as if you’re caught it’s a great way to ruin a family outing. 

Vans can be a great alternative to a family car, as they not only provide comfortable seating now but also a number of other aspects that make life much easier for parents. For example, they have easy sliding doors, a lower position, more space, and plenty of storage. There are loads of tips you can access at singlemotherahoy.com which will help you navigate your parenting experience too, such as tips on dealing with parental stress, so it’s well worth a look. 

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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