Are you terrified by your blended family gatherings? Well, now it’s your turn to throw the best B-Day party every, and here’s how to do it blended-family style.

Did you know that over 1,300 new stepfamilies are formed each day?

Although blended families can bring so much love into your life, it’s not always easy keeping the peace. This is especially true for special events when children might be used to following different traditions.

Are you planning a birthday party with a blended family? Keep reading for the top tips that will ensure the event is fun and memorable.

Include Everyone Without Stepping on Any Toes

In a perfect world, all blended families would get along and none of the parents would harbor any negative feelings for one another. Unfortunately, large family gatherings can create a lot of tension, fear, or awkwardness. The best way to combat this is to remember your place in the family.

Since each parent has different strengths, let everyone do what they know how to do best so everyone can feel involved. For example, a silly parent can run the games while an organized parent can maintain the party schedule. It’s important to remember that the biological parents have the most say during this event because it’s their kid’s birthday party.

Blended Family Parties Should Have Blended Traditions

To show your child that their new family is happy and harmonious, it’s nice to plan an event that combines both families’ traditions. Think about what both families do to celebrate birthdays and try to pick the most special highlights.

Better yet, you can ask your child how they’d like to celebrate and you can plan the day together. You can look at free invitation templates and design a customized birthday card together. You can also ask your child what birthday cake flavor they want and what their favorite party snacks are.

Make Sure The Birthday Boy or Girl Feels Special

Even if your relationship with other family members is strained, you should never let any children see that. A clash on their special day is a quick way to ruin the fun. If the experience is bad enough, they may dread all family gatherings in the future.

In order to make their day memorable, all parents should do whatever their child wants to do. You can play games, go bowling, or watch a movie. Ask them what would make them happiest and do everything you can to accomplish that as a team.

Be Prepared with Conversation Starters

If you try to avoid certain family members, things can get awkward. Instead, be prepared with some easy-going conversation starters that can make everyone feel comfortable around each other. While you don’t have to talk to others throughout the entire event, it’s polite to chat with everyone for at least a few minutes.

Some safe topics could include work, hobbies, plans for the rest of the week, sports, or the weather. If you’re ever in doubt, ask questions so the pressure to speak is off of you and you can express an interest in their life.

Want More Tips for Family Gatherings?

Now that you know how to plan a birthday party with a blended family, you can make sure everyone feels the love.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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