Let’s face it, we’re all faced with various challenges every day. From doing simple chores around the house to completing the never-ending tedious tasks of life. You need to be active and fresh in order to carry out your daily grind efficiently, and a good amount of sleep regularly can do wonders. 

A number of people sacrifice their sleeping hours to ensure that their work is done. Nobody can escape it. From baby-boomers to college goers and young professionals. The science of sleep focuses on your mind, body and soul to ensure your overall well-being. 

If you sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day, it would not only increase your productivity but also lift your mood abundantly.
Sleep can enhance your decision-making abilities and help you concentrate more on a particular task. If you are a student struggling with assignments, you can develop study hacks from the internet through UK EduBirdie and finish your essays with ease. They can help you write any paper format for a nominal charge. If you are a working individual, you would need to organize your schedule so that you do not face a situation of burnout. Most professionals do not get proper rest which results in the lack of creativity at work. Sleep and productivity are interrelated. You can boost your efficiency on a day-to-day basis with adequate sleep in the following ways –

  1. Keeps you Distraction Free: Balancing a personal and professional life can really get to you if you are sleep deprived. It would also get you distracted as you would not be able to focus on the important things throughout the day. Once you have rested well, you would feel rejuvenated for a new day and can carry out your tasks quickly and more productively. You could take up a number of chores, walk or jog to keep yourself fit or chat with a close friend or family member without any disruptions.
  2. Gets rid of Frequent Power Naps: Power naps once in a while can make you productive but why take one in the first place if you have had a good sleep the previous night? Individuals who have slept for comparatively lesser hours or inconsistently would find themselves slugging off at work. Power naps can be beneficial, but if you do not time them correctly, they can waste your time and hamper your schedule for the day. There is also a chance of you feel more lethargic than before after you wake up from a power nap.
  3. Increases your Memory: The average attention span of a reader is 3 minutes. For people who are sleep deprived, this can decrease to barely 30 seconds. Good sleep would keep you on your toes and help you pay more attention at school or work. This is especially fruitful for students who need to prepare for examinations every once in a while. Sufficient sleep would increase their focus on the course material allowing them to grasp information better in their memory.
  4. Increases your Appetite: If you have been feeling groggier throughout the day, you may notice how it affects your eating patterns as well. Feeling sleepy can diminish your productivity to the extent of making you lose your appetite. Once you sleep for a good period of time, you would not be skipping any meals and eating healthy to keep you churning daily. It would automatically reduce your craving for alcohol or drugs. You would want to intake more proteins and carbs to help you carry out your day.
  5. Inculcates Organisational Skills: When your productivity is at the optimum level, you would want to schedule your day in a manner that would aid you in completing all the essential tasks without fail. A good sleep builds your organizational skills by making you want to lead a balanced life, where you have sufficient time for your studies, work and personal activities.

You can achieve adequate sleep when your mind is stress-free. Create an environment that gives you peace, or listens to calming music to help you fall asleep faster. A bedtime routine also goes a long way to make you sleep without any distractions. You can enjoy life better if you discard unnecessary things and focus more on getting sleep to boost your daily productivity. It is a necessity to not only keep your productivity in check but also deters you from any health complications as you grow older.

Author: Bryan Davis is a career counsellor who spends most of his time at work, juggling his hobby of writing and the occasional fishing with mates. Davis maintains a basic schedule of getting different kinds of jobs done in a day, without compromising on his nighttime sleep. His productivity is his priority which he considers the key to his healthy way of living.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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