Year 2019 is definitely the start of the new generation, this is what others call it the preparation year for the new age and technology, this is due to the reason that most people believe that by 2020 more kinds of technology will be released, higher specs for mobile phones, more high end types of computers and consoles and even the start of smartwatches and smart glasses. With these kinds of technologies all around us, it’s easy to say that they all make our life a lot easier, making things more convenient as we can do them with the touch of our fingers, and most of all we can multitask and accomplish them all as fast as possible.

Technology is Good…and Bad

Everything has its own pros and cons, we cannot change the fact that these technologies that helps us are also giving us consequences everytime we use them, just like how our mobile phones helps us connect to the entire world and give us unlimited access to the internet knowledge but the radiation it emits everytime we use it is affecting our body little by little. The computer that helps us to do work is basically letting us do everything at the comfort of our work station but it also taught us how to neglect exercising and diet which will definitely affect us even more, and most of all, playing on a mobile phone or console does give us the satisfaction we always wanted but too much addiction to it can cause us to drink more coffee, energy drinks and sodas that affect our immune system and are the main cause of hypertension.

By the power of the fresh fruit juice!

Drinking is a way of our body to hydrate itself and making sure that choosing the right drinks will help us improve our health as we all want to live long enough for the sake of our loved ones. Goodnature is definitely our go to when it comes to the freshest, most nutritious and most healthy juice drinks as their products can produce delicious juice from freshly picked fruits.

Fresh juice has a lot of benefits than just eating the fruit as it is, one of them is the conveniency. It is more convenient to drink than preparing the fruit, peeling it, slice it and taking out the seeds (if any) as our body is more comfortable when drinking compared when eating. Fresh juice also gives us the benefits of what the fruit can give and even more as you can include the fruit skin peelings in the juice, think about it, I’m not sure if you’ll be happy eating those skin peelings.

So…What’s in it for me?

With fresh juice at your everyday meals they can definitely detoxify your body, flushing out those unwanted chemicals that can affect our internal organs and could probably help develop major diseases like cancer, gallbladder stones, dysmenorrhea, dehydration, heartburn and hypertension caused by high cholesterol.

Fresh fruits are the source of high fiber which acts like a broom that sweeps out your body with any unwanted chemicals, they also contain natural sugars which makes them taste good, but doesn’t harm the body and most of all they are the major source of vitamins and minerals we need in order for us to function perfectly in our daily lives.

Drink healthy, Live healthy!

Over all, fresh fruit juice is becoming more of a necessity in our everyday meals as the human’s lifestyle becomes more and more unhealthy as the technology advances. We want to make sure that we live long enough for our family and friends and we can do that by making sure we intake the right liquids in our body.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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