When you were little, your parents insisted on teaching you how to brush your teeth, and made sure you made a daily habit out of it. Then came the teenage years when your dad pulled you aside and taught you how to shave your beard – you felt like a man, didn’t you? After that, though, nobody said much about anything else, except for the use of deodorant that is quite inevitable.

Unfortunately, learning the various grooming routines doesn’t come naturally, and some men skip entire categories altogether, simply because they weren’t approached as basics. It’s important to have the right items with you in order to get into the essential kind of grooming routine. If you have a look at Moo Review, you’ll find that they help you in finding the latest and best items for hygiene and grooming. It’s advisable that you do enough research to know what the best quality products are so that you’re doing your routine right.

Here are some personal hygiene tips and grooming habits that every man should include in his routine.

Brush Your Teeth, Brush the Tongue, and Floss

Fresh breath is something everyone seeks, so spend some time scrubbing in there and don’t be stingy. You might want to invest in a good electric toothbrush; not only do they really work, but they make brushing fun.

Additionally, don’t ignore your tongue – accumulations on the tongue not only look bad, but they are actually the number one cause of bad breath – so, scrub away. On the other hand, flossing is actually really worth it. Doing it will freshen your breath and prevent gum disease, so train yourself to include it in your daily routine, preferably at night.

Wash Your Feet, Really

Having water and soap soak your feet in the tub as you take a shower is not actually washing them. Give a little attention to your feet, the way you treat the rest of your body; use your washcloth or loofah and spend 30 seconds scrubbing your toes and in-between, as well as your soles and heels. Not only does this help get rid of dead skin and make your feet look healthy, but it also helps you avoid nasty smells and potential fungal growths. Scrubbing your feet also stimulates the blood circulation to these parts – after all, they do carry you all day.

Use Baby Wipes Down There

For a true cleansing down there: after wiping with normal toilet paper, try using a baby wipe as a final clean up in the end. This is actually becoming a prevalent trend that some brands are now selling wipes that are branded for adults. Just make sure to choose a brand intended for sensitive areas, and not the harsh variant aimed at using on your hands.

Change Your Sheets Once a Week

Although at first this may not seem like a personal hygiene tip, but it really is. To help prevent acne and other dreaded skin breakouts, change your bed sheets once a week – this also goes for your pillow cases.

Take Care of Your Body, It’s the Only One You’ve Got

After all is said and done, you should always test and try the various grooming techniques and decide what works for you. Everyone’s body is different, and you know yours more than anyone else. Accordingly, as you incorporate these new habits into your daily routine, you may find that you need to adjust some of them to suit the way your body works.

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