The decision to make a life change can come in various forms in different types of people. Some decide on a whim or in the spur of a moment, as if they were just picking which doughnut to buy. For some people, it takes them months or even years to finally make the choice to change their ways.

A near-death, traumatic experience, a life-threatening disease, and addiction are among the most common reasons why a person would want a life change. Addiction is probably the most prevalent. This concerns not only the addicts themselves but also their family members. Learn more about the specific roles of family in helping their loved one recover from an addiction and journey towards a successful life change.

To have a better overview on this important subject, here are 5 facts about changing your life that everyone thinks are true.

1. You don’t need a tragedy or an adversary.

A lot of people who decide to change their lives have gone through some serious challenges and tragic experiences. This is not a prerequisite that applies to everyone. You don’t need to lose a loved one, be bankrupt, go through a breakup or be terminally sick.

You are absolutely capable and entitled to undergo a major shift anytime you want. All you need is a strong resolve, commitment and consistency for you to achieve the goals you have set to make your life better.

2. You don’t need a life coach.

This is not to say that life coaches are bad for you. The point is, ultimately, you can change your life on your own with the right amount of willingness.

Understandably, the presence of someone to look up to will make you feel more comforted and inspired. However, the absence of which does not mean it will be impossible for you to turn things around.

Bear in mind that you are in charge of your own life and there is nothing that’s stopping you to become a better version of yourself.

3. It is easier than most people think.

You may immediately think that it sounds easier said than done. But in reality, once you get the hang of it, the rest will come naturally.

More often than not, the negative thoughts will come creeping in at the beginning of a life change journey. The hardships, sacrifices, and pain can be overwhelming. However, instead of these being seen as obstacles, these should serve as challenges that will strengthen the commitment of the person to overcome anything to improve their life.

4. Mind-over-matter mentality is key.

No circumstance should be able to dishearten a person who is on the road to a better life. Focusing on the goal instead of magnifying the problem is a great way to ease the burden. Before you know it, you can already look back and see the amazing progress you’ve managed to accomplish.

5. It is a step-by-step process.

Life change, no matter how badly needed, should be done gradually instead of drastically. Taking it step-by-step will help when it comes to adjusting. It also prevents you to feel overwhelmed.

Learning about these commonly known facts about life change will surely make you all the more motivated to keep on keeping on. Remember to trust the process and take to heart all the wonderful lessons you will learn along the way because these will be part of your life story and it will be an amazing one to tell.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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