When taking a long journey we often think about making sure the car is journey ready, and will especially focus on the condition of the car engine. But what about tyres? Your tyres are critical on a long journey. Here are four myths to bear in mind when driving across the UK.

1  Temporary spare tyres can be used as normal tyres.

Temporary spare tyres might look just like any other tyre, but they are really only to be used as a temporary fix in an emergency. Temporary spare tyres don’t give the same level of performance or road grip so it’s best to get your tyre replaced as soon as possible if you end up using the spare.

2  The tyre pressure monitoring system will tell you if you need new tyres.

The tyre pressure monitoring system is a wonderful development that will tell you the pressure in your tyres – but it cannot be relied upon to let you know whether you need to change your tyres. It can’t tell you about the overall health of your tyres, things like the amount of tread left on your tyres and so on – it literally only reports the tyre pressure.

3  It’s ok to keep driving on tyres if they’re only a little worn.

This is one of the most prevalent myths surrounding tyres. If your tyres are showing any signs of ware, such as bulges, you will need to have them replaced by a reliable local garage. For London drivers there are many professional tyre garages. You can take help of tyre experts to make sure you are getting the right tyres. If you are looking for a reliable wheel replacement, car tyre booking is available from London garages at DAT London Tyres.

4  You don’t need special winter or summer tyres.

Each tyre has its own particular speciality; some are really good for driving in the heat of the summer where others are designed to withstand the bitter cold of winter. Using the right one according to your pattern can make a big difference.

Note: this post is in association with DAT Tyres.

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