The best way to first increase your personal value is to understand you have plenty of it already! If you don’t feel enough right now, nothing you do will ever help you feel that way. However, this is somewhat of an empty platitude to p7ut on a CV, no matter how truthful this is. Still, is your personal value as a person completely separate from your professional value? We’d say no, providing you know how to fuse them together, and allow one to inform the second with care.

Also, increasing your personal value is sometimes hard to gauge, unless directly appropriated with qualifications or experience. But still, there are many things you can do, both in a licensed setting and not, to increase your personal value and make things better for yourself. Sometimes, an inquiry like this can also awaken the actual value you hold within yourself, which might be much-needed boost if returning to work after a long period, such as after a pregnancy. With the following efforts, you’ll understand why:

Qualify Yourself

We often think that with enough experience, we can forget about finding further qualifications, because the background coattails of success we have will be enough to ensure people appreciate us. But that’s not always the case, and nor is it the case for everyone. Even the people who it might work for can potentially find even further value in ensuring that they accredit themselves with excellent courses. For example, an online IMC program might help you hone your marketing chops even more. This can help you apply those skills to more of a professional or even personal context. What matters is your credibility expanding and becoming much stronger than it might have been beforehand.

Learning To Network

They often say that it’s not what you know but who you know that makes all the difference, but that isn’t always true. Still, that doesn’t mean you can ignore this and the need to network efficiently. Learning to network, be that online, through attending expos and events, or through letting your work shine and bring you natural contacts can help you enjoy the potential of collaborative projects, or an even larger range of professional possibilities. The potential is endless should you learn to network efficiently.

Caring For The Work

You can market yourself expertly, you can talk yourself up every single day, but if you don’t have the portfolio or work to back it up, you’re going to be an empty vessel. This is why caring for your craft, no matter what that is, can often have the best results, and potentially give you the tools needed to fall in love with that you are actually trying to accomplish. This also has a hidden benefit of helping you enjoy that which you’re doing regardless of how well it turns out, and sometimes in the professional field that can be a big victory.

With these tips, you’re sure to increase your personal value.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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