When it comes to property not many people follow the motto – never judge a book by its cover. This is because they want to be proud of their home, and if the outside isn’t up to scratch then more than likely they will lose interest.

The exterior of your property may be the reason you are struggling to offer kerb appeal and increase tenant interest. To help you enhance your property’s prospects, you should pay attention to the following tips.

Update windows and doors

One of the first things your tenant will notice is the front door. Therefore, it is important that it looks inviting, while also matching the rest of the exterior. If the door of your property is hidden, you may want to consider implementing a porch to highlight the entrance, which will also give your property a more contemporary look.

Windows are also an important element that you should consider changing, as your current windows may be the wrong size or shape, making your property look out of proportion. You could even make a simple update to your windows by implementing double-glazing or adding aluminium frames which will make even the oldest properties appear like a new-build.

Change up the colour

If you have an older property, then the outside paint may have faded over time, making it look outdated and shabby. To make your property appear more modern and sleeker, you should choose an eye-catching paint colour but make sure your choice is not too outlandish.

If you want to keep your property colours neutral, you could use colours like beige and grey, or if you want to stand out, you could use white and red. When choosing a colour, it is important to consider the interior of your house to ensure it matches well, and make sure you choose high-quality paint that will last.

Improve the green space

One thing that is off-putting to tenants is unruly-looking greenery, especially if they are an avid gardener. Your property may only have a small garden, but it should still be maintained and kept tidy at all times to ensure your property looks its best.

If you have a large garden, you should utilise the space by placing plant pots, garden furniture and any other accessories which will enhance the outside area. For inspiration, you should take a look at some of the developments from RW Invest, with communal gardens that offer tenants living in apartments a space to relax and enjoy time outside.

Cladding and protection

If you find that your property feels airy or cold, the best way to improve this is by implementing external insulation. While this may be more costly than other exterior updates, it may be a worthwhile investment, which will also increase your property’s value due to the removed risk of condensation build-up.

Insulation is normally used alongside re-cladding, which involves the reconstruction of the property’s external structure. This will improve both the safety and the aesthetic of a dated property, ensuring that it is both secure and appealing for your tenant. When changing the cladding, you should ensure you choose the materials that fit well together. For example, you should avoid using cedar and zinc, as the combination may cause the timber to rot.

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