Hello! This blog entry is written solely for the single-mother trooper called: Mom.

Today I am going to discuss 5 reasons for why you should become a surrogate if you are a single mother. For most single mothers, they are gladly taking on their day-to-day responsibilities with the grace of a professional juggler. A tired kid here, a sick kid there, a full-time job here, friends on the weekend there…

Most single Moms relish the hustle, and embrace the opportunities that come their way to further enhance the lives of their children, and gladly work tirelessly to accomplish daily tasks. But what if they are wanting “more” for their life? What about making a difference outside of the normal hustle bustle of single-mom life? Is there opportunity to take their love and generosity to the next level? Yes, fortunately there is just the right opportunity for them- and it’s in a burgeoning industry called surrogacy. It’s the opportunity to become a surrogate.

For the purposes of this article, I will assume that you have had excellent pregnancies as a Mom and that you loved being pregnant! If this is you- keep on reading! If you have not had excellent pregnancies or maybe there are more complications, make sure to check out our surrogate qualifications.

If you are a single mom- you should become a surrogate because:

1. Being pregnant doesn’t require you to punch a time clock

If you’ve ever had the proverbial 9-to-5 job, you know how stressful it can be to just get yourself out of the door while you have children getting ready for school at the same time. If you haven’t had the 9-to-5 job count it as a blessing! Inevitably, you are bound to be late at some point in time due to a sick child, a screaming and naughty child in the morning, or any of the copious reasons that children distract you from your responsibilities.

When you become a surrogate, your main responsibilities include the following:

  • Respond to requests for your medical records
  • Respond to your texts and emails
  • Go to your doctor’s appointments
  • Make sure you’re taking your medication

Obviously, these responsibilities above would not require you to be somewhere for five days a week between 9-5. The beauty about becoming a surrogate is that you can fulfill all of your surrogate requirements, while facilitating your family responsibilities.

2. It is the coveted “second job” that doesn’t compete with your current one

In other words, you’re able to keep the full-time job you currently have, and still facilitate your surrogacy journey. It’s one of the few types of jobs you can have “on the side” that literally no one will have issues with (ie- your overly-suspicious boss) since pregnancy is just one of those things you do as a woman! If you don’t want anyone to know it’s a surrogate pregnancy, you aren’t required to tell anyone! However, many of our surrogate mothers enjoy telling the story of how they are helping their families on this journey and many are interested in the unique opportunity!

3. You will legitimately make $50,000

Entering into the contract as a surrogate mother means that you will be compensated for your surrogacy journey. Many surrogates are surprised that not only can they keep their first job while facilitating their surrogacy, but they are even paid for lost wages after the pregnancy is complete. There are also many other types of surrogate compensation involved that will raise your compensation from your base pay of $4,000 per month.

4. If you’ve been dreaming of a new house or car, just wait 10 months

If you’re currently a single mother, chances are you may have been wondering how to pay down that dreaded high interest credit card debt that you have been lugging around over the years. A lot of our surrogates in their late 20s in early 30s (sometimes higher 30s) are still massively in debt due to a number of unforeseen circumstances in their life. Becoming a surrogate for these moms has been a unique solution to their debt problem, or a simple solution to address long time needs of a car or house.

5. It fulfills a higher purpose

For many of our potential surrogate mothers, the reason they are interested in the opportunity to become a surrogate is because they know firsthand how wonderful it is to be a parent with beautiful children. They cannot think of life without their children and have a special place in their heart to help women or couples who are unable to have children because of infertility. For many of our surrogates, the stories of their intended parents are deeply touching and emotionally moving. After they meet with them, our surrogates know beyond the shadow of a doubt they are fulfilling a higher purpose.

Written by: Samantha, owner of www.madeintheusasurrogacy.com. She is a full-time stay at home mom, previous surrogate mother, and surrogate coordinator of all surrogates and intended parents for her agency.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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