The whole aspect of spiritualism revolves around believing in a supreme being/beings that intervene for us on issues that are beyond our control. For some people, it even includes consulting the dead concerning things that are to come. However, in the current times, there still exists a type of spiritualism that’s popularly referred to as divination. Mainly this includes fortune telling, astrology or even the interpretation of dreams with the help of various types of tarot cards. It’s for this very reason that most individuals in the middle of various religious beliefs find themselves at a crossroad as to whether the practice of tarot reading is right or wrong. Well, it’s a debate that has been dragging on for years without precise conclusions. But how does this practice affect religious beliefs?

Let’s explore the answers in this article

Consulting Other gods?

If you’re a very spiritual person and your religion has something to do with worshiping one God’ such as Christianity, Islam, etc., then the whole idea of tarot card reading might seem wrong from the onset. Why is that so? You see, in consulting cards on issues such as predicting the future, is partly in a way, giving your God’s place to these cards. This is because ideally, its only god that knows what lies in store for you in the future and the next minute of your life for that matter. So if you decide to mix the two beliefs, then chances are that you will get confused at the end of it all. I mean, if you pray about and consult cards at the same time when the issue at hand comes to pass, you wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s your religious beliefs that answered your predicament or if it was the card reading predictions. But then sometimes it all depends on your views regarding both.

The Betrayal Feeling

Most religious beliefs forbid their members from forming relationships with other things that can separate them from their ideologies. Choosing to believe in Tarot cards can trigger a given sense of betrayal which the participants cannot live with. In some way, this guilt feeling has the capability of consuming inner peace, which means you won’t go on with your daily life as usual. Sadly, this also includes your dedication to your primary beliefs. There is always something about, you know ” serving two masters at a time?” there is no way you can swear to balance between the two, one will always win and most of the time it often shakes to the core.

Yes, at the beginning the idea is always surrounded by thoughts of moderation, but is this always the case? Seeking advice from another source apart from your religious god isn’t a decision you make overnight. Most of the time, it means that you have taken your time to ponder over the pros and cons. And once you decide to head in that direction, it should be because you’re sure of what you’re doing. And if after one card reading session you don’t have a single touch of betrayal, feeling to nurse, then it could be because your beliefs haven’t wavered. The decision of having a second, third, session depends on you and your instincts as a believer. But is it the right thing to do? Can you deal with the burning betrayal feeling? Only you have the answers.

The Spirit Behind The Cards

Most of the time, the individuals that are responsible for the whole Tarot card reading experience are actually well mannered, sensitive and caring. This is contrary to common assumptions being spread by various religious groups. But does that justify their effects on religious beliefs? It’s believed that Satan is also powerful and can present himself in ways that he deems fit. On the other hand, God’s is also thought to be powerful depending on which side you’re standing on. So if Tarot reading isn’t acceptable by God; taking the example of Bible believers, then it could only mean that believing in card readings is opening up to a spirit that is contradicting your religious beliefs.

For instance, Christians believe that they were created in God’s own image, so are those consulting these cards in the same image as the spirits behind them?

The debate surrounding the issue of tarot card reading and its effects on religious beliefs has been going on for a while. However, amid all arguments, there is still no conclusive wrong or right answer regarding the issue. What you need to ask yourself however, is how all this affects your communication and relationship with your religious supreme being.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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