A whopping 69 percent of British people taking a road trip will have one or two children on board for the journey, according to a survey from 1400 families. Taking a family road trip is all about having fun with your loved ones while having a unique experience that bonds you together. Whether you choose to drive to the beach, take a hiking holiday or go on a road trip in Europe, for everyone to have a smooth journey takes a great deal of planning. Embarking on a road trip will create memories that will last a lifetime, so make sure you’ve got everything covered with these essential tips.

Be organised

In order to have a successful road trip without any stress and the maximum enjoyment for everyone, start planning early to ensure you’ve got everything in hand. From deciding what vehicle to drive to budgeting for the journey and what to pack for each individual, get all members involved so that everyone has an equal say in what your adventurous road trip should be like. Make sure you do your research about the route you’ll be taking so you’re not just relying on your navigation device, and take out breakdown cover in case of potential car problems.

Be creative

Part of the preparation for a road trip is about gathering varied entertainment for the journey. While it’s not a good idea to allow the kids to be plugged into electronics for the entire journey, there are plenty of other travel accessories to keep them busy. Be creative with games and printables for your kids to indulge in such as songs, interactive games and musical playlists. Another good idea to distract children is to give them a camera to take photos en route, so you can make a holiday scrapbook when you get home.

Be flexible

There’s not much point in going on a family road trip if everything is too organised and you have strict expectations for everything to run like clockwork. Ensure that there are regular pit stops for running around to release energy levels, and combine them with scenic views or short activities along the way to make it easier to travel long distances with children. The fun of being on a road trip isn’t only about the final destination, but the actual journey itself, with everyone on board having fun along the way.

Being confined in a car for long periods with all the family doesn’t have to be hard work. If you ensure you’re fully prepared for almost all eventualities, your travel adventure will be an exciting success that everyone will enjoy.

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