Moving in with a partner is a wonderful feeling. The idea that you won’t have to keep going between your two homes and constantly say goodbye is really amazing. But, when you are a single parent, a new partner moving in can be a massive change for the whole family.

Moving in together is always based on a foundation of love but it also requires some practicalities on your part.

Sensible Financial Precautions

Talking about finances may not be the most romantic topic but it is important that you both agree and understand what you are getting into. Before you move in together, you should discuss how the arrangement is going to work financially.

For example, are you going to keep both your places and let one out or is one of you prepared to sell up? When you are living together, how are you going to split bills like the mortgage?

If you like, family solicitors can help you to work out an agreement that will protect both of you as cohabitants.

Be Prepared for Change

When you move in with a partner, it is highly likely that you are going to have to change. Changing can be quite uncomfortable and frustrating – especially when you have been in the same habits for years! But do keep in mind what you are gaining and that your partner is changing too.

There are a few types of change that tend to happen to all couples and most of them are compromises. For example, getting up and going to bed will likely change as you fit with each other’s schedule. Similarly, what you eat and how you eat will change as you influence each other’s taste.

But it’s not just your habits that will change. You might also like to think about how you are going to fit all your partner’s stuff into your home and you may need to get rid of some of your stuff to make some room. Working together to decide how your place is going to look is an exciting opportunity. And hey, if you can’t agree on who’s sofa is best why not go shopping for some new stuff together?

What About the Kids?

When you move in with a partner and it’s just the two of you, you only need to think about what sort of compromises you need to make with each other. But when there are kids involved, especially with blended families with kids on both sides, it can quickly get more complicated. However, you will probably have good intuition about how to handle things.

Talking to your children openly about the changes that are happening is a good approach to take and you should listen to their concerns too. While you and your partner are clearly getting on very well, you need to allow the children time to adapt to the new situation and get used to having more people in the house.

Moving in will take time for everyone and going slowly is a good idea. Change is always easiest when it is incremental so talk each step through together and don’t worry too much about sticking to a timetable. This is your family; you do things your way.

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