Email marketing is one of those things many businesses don’t bother with. On top of maintaining a website, a social media presence, a blog… not to mention the actual business itself – email marketing can seem confusing, time consuming and unnecessary.

Email marketing can be a key component of your marketing strategy though and something you can use to grow your business.

Here are five reasons you need email marketing for your business:

1. Email marketing brings targeted website traffic

We all want people on our websites who want to buy our products; email marketing is the most effective way to get this. With any other type of marketing, you’re sending a blanket message out to a wide range of people. Email marketing allows you to target the very people who have already shown an interest in you and your products.

2. Email marketing is personal marketing

With email marketing you can have your message come directly into your customer’s email – and these days most people have their email on their phone, and their phone is always in their hand! You can personalise your email with their name and even target them based on previous actions taken on your site or in previous email campaigns. This makes the whole experience feel very personal.

3. Email marketing is easy

These days there is software on the market that will help you to personalise your emails and store information on your contacts. Email marketing software is designed to make your life easy by keeping lists and sublists, tracking activity and personalising contact.

4. Email marketing is measurable

Unlike many forms of traditional marketing, email marketing is measurable and trackable. You can see not only how many people have opened your email, but which people opened it, how many times they opened it, which links they clicked and much more. All of this is valuable information.

5. Email marketing is cost effective

Unlike print media, direct mail and many other forms of marketing, email marketing is environmentally friendly and easy to scale. Once you have set up your CRM system, you can market to twenty people, a hundred people or a thousand people with the same amount of time and effort. Once you have created your email template, you can send it to your whole list, however large that may be. This makes it much more cost effective than many other forms of advertising where you are charged by the number of people you market to.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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