As you all know, I have only had a garden for a little over a year and I am loving it. It is hard to describe how nice it is to have a little outdoor space. But, there is one drawback and that is the time it takes to keep it looking good.

Luckily, there are ways to keep the workload down. I am always picking up lazy gardening tips and putting them into action.

Today, I am going to talk about one of my favourites. Planting fast-growing and big plants is a fast way to transform your garden and potentially reduce the amount of work you have to do.

Plant fast-growing trees

Trees are fantastic. The fact that they are quite big is a good thing too. They take up a fair amount of space, which means that you do not have to plant anything else in that area. Fairly, quickly the amount of work you have to do in the corner that you planted your tree drops to zero.

It is really easy to find the perfect tree for your home at somewhere like The Tree Center. These bigger retailers sell hundreds of different varieties.

If you have a big garden you can choose something that grows to 60 or 70ft. For a smaller space you will want to plant something like a small ornamental tree. Provided you choose the right type, they will stop growing at around 30ft.

Use large plants

You can follow the same principle when choosing the rest of your plants. Large bushes or statement plants will take up a big area. Again, in the long-term this reduces the amount work you will have to do.

Making the right choice

If you are going to follow the above principle, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before you buy.

Plant mainly evergreen trees and plants

It is usually best to plant evergreen trees, shrubs and hedges. This will save you from having to worry about raking up and disposing of lots of leaves. That is a task you can easily end up having to do for about 6 to 7 weeks of the year when you plant deciduous trees.

Think about maintenance

Fast growing plants allow you to quickly transform a space. But, there is a problem. Some trees and plants will carry on growing at a phenomenal rate even after they have reached maturity. So, every year, you will have to cut them back. If all you need to do is to run the hedge trimmer over your trees and shrubs every now and again that will not take you long. Most of the time, you will only have to do that once a year. You just need to be sure to choose the varieties that stay healthy when you cut them in this way. Of course, if things are beyond your expertise or control, a good alternative is to hire an arborist who can help to ensure your trees etc are well cared for and trimmed.

Make sure they are not too big

It is also important to understand how big the tree or bush could reach if you leave it to reach maturity. You want them to take up space, but not so much that you cannot grow anything else in your garden.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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