Whether you’ve travelled around the world and back again, or you and the family head off on holiday once a year, we all come away with things we’d do a little differently next time around. Whether that’s not ordering the pig intestines at that fancy restaurant next time, or simply not packing as much. But, what about the bigger stuff? The real lessons we can learn from stepping off a plane and trying something or somewhere completely new? Well, read on for my 5 lessons that I’ve learnt from travelling.

Your insurance is just as important as your passport

You’d be amazed at how many people head abroad without any kind of cover or insurance and simply believe that “it won’t happen to them”. Travelling without insurance is very dangerous and it can not only ruin a trip of a lifetime or a well-earned holiday but can simply be the beginning of months of aggro and frustration as you or your family try to pick up the pieces. Check out uhcsafetrip.com for information about travel insurance and medical travel insurance policies.

Patience is everything

You’re hot, sweaty, the kids might be acting up, or you’ve just had a bad morning. Just tell yourself that it could be worse. If you’ve missed a bus – don’t sweat it, there’ll be another one. The ATM is out of cash? It’s fine – just take a trip across town and find another one – who knows what you’ll find along the way. Sometimes, just going with the flow and not looking at everything as an uphill battle will allow you to relax and enjoy your holiday or travels more. So take a deep breath and count to ten.

Get up early

You might want to enjoy sleeping in most mornings and not jumping out of bed at the sound of your work alarm. But whilst you’re travelling, getting up early is the perfect way to avoid all the crowds, get the freshest bread at the bakery, the hottest breakfast at the buffet, the best photo opportunities and it’s easier to interact with the locals too. You’re also less likely to get scammed or pickpocketed if you get out and about early. As most undesirables wait until the crowds of tourists flock in to chance their arm. Give it a try next time.

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself

Your face might be as red as a beetroot, you’ve accidentally ordered fish brains by mistake or a local might find your attempt to speak the language all too funny. The important thing here is to laugh at yourself. We all look the fool sometimes, so don’t be afraid or embarrassed to embrace it. You’ll make happier memories that way and have some hilarious stories to tell.

Bring extra cash

No matter where you are in the world, you need to have emergency cash on you or at least back at your hotel. So, if you loose your wallet, have your money stolen or an ATM is not working then at least you have a back up plan. Be prepared.

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