Carrying a sacred human being inside of you is already a difficult responsibility, which includes drastic changes in your body, mood swings, change in appetite and some other aches and pains. These are some of the things a single pregnant or expectant mother can and will experience. As a supportive person in her life, it is your responsibility to give her a little sense of ease. Going through this journey in an unconventional way is hard on its own, so let’s make up for that, shall we?

You cannot share her pregnancy, but what you can do is give her comfort, support, and care. And you can do this by offering her the things she wants. Things that will make her feel loved. But what do single expectant mothers actually want? Here are four things you need to consider.


Time to relax

Looking after yourself can be stressful enough, but imagine if something or someone depends on you to live. Being pregnant can put a woman in so much stress. They can easily be stressed out in what looks like little issues, but blame it on the hormonal changes they are going through. Your friend can easily get tired, hungry and irritated, sometimes even simultaneously which spells out mayhem or even tears.

Women are emotional creatures more so when they are on the journey of pregnancy. As a friend, it is your job to help them out. You can alleviate their stress by simply lending a hand in cleaning the house or running some errands. One particular de-stressor I can suggest is giving them a treat to a spa. A prenatal massage can physically relax their body and lighten their mood.

Listen to her struggles

As a friend, you have probably listened to them countless times but this time though it is on a different level. Brought by a surge of hormones, pregnant woman have a tendency to be more emotional and sensitive than normal.  And so they need adequate emotional support from someone in their circle. Listen to her struggles, even though you might not be able to entirely relate. It is important to acknowledge their struggles, frustrations, and disappointments on this delicate and complicated stage of womanhood. Lend them your ears without judgment. They don’t need that at the moment. Comfort them with your encouraging and compassionate words.

Baby shower to celebrate her and the baby and get needed items

A great gesture to make a single expectant mother feel supported and loved is by organizing a baby shower. A baby shower is an event held to celebrate the coming of the baby and a woman’s passage to motherhood. There are many ways to throw a great baby shower. Start with decorations perfect for baby celebrations like a diaper cake, flowers, and balloons. And, of course, a cake and other yummy snacks. If you know that she has had particular cravings during her pregnancy be sure to add them to the food list.

Share in her excitement

Giving them presents, showing up to their baby showers and even listening to their daily pregnant struggles are all great way to show support. But one particular feat, that I encourage you to try, is to share their excitement. I don’t know why other people dislike it when they see a friend’s posts on Facebook about the development of their pregnancy. To think they should encourage her, show some support and acknowledge the blessing they are about to receive. Don’t be the other people, instead, be someone whom she can share her excitement. Show this by sending her tips, tricks, and hacks for pregnancy. Share blogs which can be helpful to her. Invite her to forums where she might be able to get some related help and advice. Share her excitement by letting her know you care for her and her baby’s well-being, the digital way.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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