Reading has always been the crown of leisure. For ages reading has been done for myriad purposes. Acquisition of knowledge is the prime motive whereas employing time in a productive work during the time which is unaccounted for in your daily routine is another of its usage. If considered as a stress-buster, reading highly depends upon the need of the person doing it. And again, if considered as a professional work, it fully depends upon the circumstances and the requirement of the situation.

But whatever the condition may be, the core of the work is same, simplifying which you know that sitting in a quiet and calm place and reading your liked writings are the basis of this diverse work. So in this equation of reading as a habit, the habitat you are reading in plays a vital role. After all, a charming destination unknowingly attracts its tourists. One must feel the vibe of a place that he desired to be up to be his expectations and when that place is in your house, you should make it as interesting as you can.

Where you keep your books?

The shelves or racks where you keep your books are the first sights when you enter a reading room. A glass door wooden showcase with a classic design on its border can be of utmost attraction if put in proper place in a reading room.

You have to be very categorical while profiling the books and while keeping them according to your choice and favorites. A similarity in showcase design in two or three sides of the reading room wall is expected to bring in a sense of continuum. Apart from that the colour of the reading room floor and walls should be of calm nature, such as light blue, maroon, wooden brown, white, yellow etc. so as to keep the mood jolly when inside that room.

Wall decorations

Wall decorations provide a context to the room. Of course, the wall decoration type depends upon what kind of context you have in your mind. Classical paintings of modern art are one of the trends available in the decor world. These have a tendency to create an atmosphere of technicality in every situation your mind is in. Wall maps of archival origin can also be interesting as they inspire a worldly conscience and interpret everything from a traveler’s context. Another common usage is the scenic ornamentation of the indoors with paintings or pictures of natural beauty. Obvious to its property, people who are nature lovers and always aspired to sit in a place of natural serenity choose this option.

At the center

The centre of the reading room must be occupied by the place of your reading or the sitting place. But a vivid thinking is needed to enhance the splendour of that arrangement because your journey in time in pursuit of the happiness in those readable will be completed on that place. Often people prefer a luxury chair with leaning option along with a leg rest embedded, to make their leisure time as relaxing as possible. But readers belonging to different age group seem to have a knack towards different chair and table. A student’s reading room mostly comprises of a loosely arranged set of things all around his room. The reading table has a table lamp and obviously a personal computer, which is the most important equipment for survival in the present hi-tech world. But for a classical loving person, the table holds only a few things that are of utmost necessity like the royal table lamp and a notebook and a pen stand. The table most of all attract a lot of attention. So a wooden table with not-so-fancy sides and legs is preferable. And if wanted for more than one person, a not-so-large table with four chairs on four sides with simple armrest design will be a nice choice.

Artificial plants

Artificial plants possess such wonderful enigma of adding beauty to every place of human usage. Fake trees are the go-to things for such a choice of natural peace and calmness. From the variety of such products, artificial ferns and silk flower arrangements are some of the most aligning examples for a conservative looking reading room. Silk plant also has diverse designs such as silk topiary, silk protea flowers, silk hydrangea, tropical silk flower arrangements etc. Placing those artificial plants in the proper place is also an art because keeping in a wrong way disturbs the discipline of another setting. Options are many as much elegance is found in a variety of designer trees in one place. So one person can also keep many different types of those plants such as fake orchids, artificial bonsai tree, artificial grass plants etc. in one combination and yet have an increased pleasure of that environment.

Accessories and ornaments of context

A reading room although does not contain many sophisticated items, there are some special places for a few things that add on to its sight of beauty. Such items include wall clocks, wall mounted lights, contextual sculptures, carpet and floor design etc.

To begin with, whenever a person checks the clock while reading, the sighting of that clock must give him a sense of belongingness rather than just the time. A wall mounted clock of old English style fits perfect with a classic themed reading room. A middle-aged working person can keep a digital clock that shows details such as temperature, pressure, rain forecast along with time and date. A student can keep a table clock instead of a wall clock that will have other inbuilt features such as alarm and indicator lights.

Secondly when we talk about the lighting system apart from the table lamp, there are multiple possibilities of creating a soothing atmosphere with ambient lighting. Proper lighting to suit the mood depends upon how you choose the lighting system. Modern lights come with beautiful glass designs covering them and to be precise in terms of digitized systems, led panels of multiple functions and voice command are also available.

Talking about other showcase products, various sculptures of thematic arrangement come to mind. Certainly they multiply the vibe of a setting when your eyes fall on the perfectly placed statues of fancy gods on the appropriate places. Official reading rooms are decorated with various government insignia whereas private reading room of a businessman has a few business tycoon’s dialogue on the wall. A historian puts sculptures of artefacts on table whereas a romantic reader thinks the statue of loving couple fits perfect on his showcase shelf. Holding importance is also the floor that you step on.

Compiling every practical idea to give your reading room an enchanting look, rules of this work becomes very simple which is that the theme or the context of the reading room must be shaped to provide the reader with desired joy and luxury.

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