For any single one of us, going through a hard time has a detrimental impact on our mental health, and when we suffer from depression or anxiety at the best of times, it can feel like life is especially difficult. Regardless of what’s happening in your life, going through any sort of difficult incident can make you feel like everything is caving in. And when we have emotions like this consume us, it can seem like there is no way to turn. But what can we do to ensure that we get through this with everything intact?

Speak Up!

It’s glaringly obvious, but harder to admit, when you need help, there are people out there that feel they are too proud to admit they need some assistance. When we are trapped in our own heads, and we feel a burden on people when we talk about our own anxiety and depression at the best of times because there are people who think we’ve not been through anything difficult. And if this is the first time you’ve gone through a traumatic incident, or you’ve had family issues like bereavement, if this is the first time it’s happened, you might not know how to deal with it yourself. Professional help comes in many different forms, from family law solicitors to counselling, and when we don’t feel that we can speak up, professional help can be that impartial observer. It’s a lot easier when we have friends we can lean on, but sometimes we can believe ourselves to be a burden on them. Professional help can be a lifesaver in this respect because they aren’t involved in your life at all. And this outside opinion could be the thing that you need to help you through it.

The Impact Of Breaking It Down Into Smaller Tasks

As with anything in life, we can feel overwhelmed by the challenges. And while a challenge it may be, and it’s “character building”, at the time it feels like one task too many. This is why you need to learn how to break these things down when you are swamped in every direction, and you are struggling with your mental health. As beneficial as it is to know your triggers, you also need to know when it is too much and you take a step away. But breaking down a problem into manageable chunks can feel fruitless when you’re going through such a hard time. Doing it like this gives you the ability to overcome each individual obstacle. When you’re struggling with depression and anxiety, it’s a vital component of the therapeutic process, to assess the situation and to break it down into manageable chunks. This will provide you with the key to overcoming it.

Struggling with your mental health during a difficult time can feel 100 times worse than normal. But think about it, when we’re struggling with a mental health problem, we spend most of our time trying to be strong, and in this respect, it can give us the tools we need to cope with difficult times. Don’t feel you aren’t capable of dealing with it!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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