When most people think of Rome, things like The Forum, The Colosseum and The Vatican City automatically pop into their mind. This is understandable because those are the main sights of that beautiful city. At least, they are the ones that everyone talks about. But, Rome has a lot more to offer visitors than just historical sites.

It is a vibrant modern city with an eclectic and thriving music scene. So, if you are a music fan Rome is a fantastic destination. Here is just a taste of what is on offer.

Classical concerts

Every night you can enjoy dozens of classical concerts in Rome. They are held in numerous venues and cover a wide range of classical music genres.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons concert

For example, if you like Vivaldi, attend one of the Concerto Barocco di Roma orchestra’s performances of The Four Seasons. They perform throughout most of the year in several of Rome’s beautiful churches.

The music of the three tenors

The three tenors have done a lot to make opera popular with the masses. For the past decade, performers that live in Rome have been working together to recreate that style of concert. They perform regularly, in various venues. If you like dance you will particularly enjoy the concerts that include some short ballet performances.

Rome for Jazz fans

Like most European cities Rome has several Jazz clubs. The Elegance Café, The Bebop, La Casa Del Jazz and The Cotton Club are just a few of the more famous ones.

Rome’s music festivals

The city of Rome plays host to several music festivals, big and small. Amongst the best are Postepay Rock, the Roma Summer Fest and the Festival di Caracalla. Going online and seeing what is happening in the city before booking your holiday is a good idea if you want to enjoy one of these music festivals.

Major modern music venues in Rome

Rome has a vibrant modern music scene. There are new live venues opening up across the city on an almost monthly basis. They play host to DJs as well as musicians performing rock, indie, heavy metal and a long list of other types of music. Before you travel to Rome check out what is available at places like Live Alcazar, Argot, Blackout Rock Club, ConteStaccio, Ex Circus and the Lian Club.

The bigger venues like the Parco Della Musica and Atlantico is where you can see major artists perform. If you want to book yourself a last minute trip to see a particular band sign up for their newsletters. When you do that you will be notified as new dates are added to the calendar. This will ensure that you travel to Rome at the right time.

The best of both worlds

Of course, while visiting Rome you do not have to confine yourself to just enjoying music. Most visitors like to do traditional touristy things during the day and spend the evenings enjoying live music. It is a great a great way of ensuring that you do not end up spending hours nursing a drink in a bar, in an effort to pass the time. A few simple internet searches with the month and year you are planning to visit will quickly uncover performances that are taking place during your holiday.

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