I’ve been single now for a few months and had been thinking about maybe dipping a toe into the online dating pool. In a feat of brilliant synchronicity, not long after I had this thought I was contacted by eharmony and asked to test out their new Premium feature.

What do you get with eharmony Premium?

eharmony Premium has several features: there’s “incognito mode” where you can view people’s profiles without their knowing about it; a message tracker so that you can see what time people have viewed messages you’ve sent, and “spotlight” which pushes your profile up to the top of your matches’ feed once a month – so that they’re reminded how brilliant you are!

My favourite part of the Premium feature though is the personalised profile consultation call. I booked a time for the call, not really sure what to expect – and was pleasantly surprised. Luckily I was at my desk to take the call because I ended up making tons of notes!

Personal profile consultation

My call was with a man named Travis who called from the US. We spoke for 30 minutes, during which time he gave me very detailed and insightful tips on making the most of my dating profile. This wasn’t just someone reading out “ten top tips” or something; Travis had clearly looked at my profile in detail and gave me some really useful tips. For example, he looked at the photos I had uploaded and suggested I add more variety of images. At the moment they’re all selfies, but he said it would be good to have group shots, photos of me doing the activities I talk about on my profile and so on. 

He also gave me this handy-yet-simple tip: if you want to get your profile under people’s noses a bit more, update your profile or swap out a picture. This works because any time you do something like this, the “Activity” feed for your matches shows it: “Vicky uploaded a photo” or “Vicky updated her interests.” It reminds your matches to take a look at your profile.

I love the idea that eharmony is providing these personalised consultations to help people really get the most from their online dating experience. I like the idea that they’re helping people to really show who they are and hopefully meet someone who is a good fit for them.

When I first filled in my profile it was a little daunting. I always find that when asked questions like “what’s your favourite movie of all time” my mind goes completely blank so dating profiles are hard work. Travis made the valid point that I really don’t have to complete it all in one go (don’t ask me why this hadn’t occurred to me), and you could just go in once a week and add bits to it – this having the added bonus of meaning the activity shows on matches’ activity feeds.

Now thanks to my consultation call I have lots of notes and ideas to help me write a brilliant profile!

A lot of the people I’ve spoken to have had a similar problem when it came to filling in their dating profiles. Apparently most of us describe ourselves in 25 words or less, despite the fact the optimum number of words is closer to 250.

I’ve found that a lot of people – myself included – begin conversations on dating sites with “hey how are you” or “how’s your day.” After my conversation with the consultant I’m inspired to try and be a little more original. Their messaging service allows you to choose a prewritten question to send as a conversation starter, but I also started sending questions based on what I’d seen on people’s profiles, and trying to be a little more original in conversation generally. So far it’s going well!

Disclosure: I have been compensated for writing this post, however all words and opinions are my own.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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