It’s that time of year again when the need to shop for gifts has crept up on you. You have tried to put it off for as long as you can but it really is now beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and you have to succumb to the need to buy presents for your nearest and dearest. While you may have ideas for some of your pals, there is often one or two that are tricky to buy for. For those geeks amongst our friends, they can be the hardest to buy for. They are into gadgets and gizmos and all sorts of expensive items. You don’t have the cash to splash on this sort of tech so what can you buy? Take a look at these gift ideas for the geek who has everything.


Go Old School

Geeks love to be challenged and adore nothing more than spending some of their festive holidays partaking in a game or two. Why not go one better and get them a 1000 piece XL jigsaw from House of Puzzles jigsaws. There is a massive choice from classic garden scenes to festive vistas for your geeky pal to get stuck into. Alternatively, you might want to pick them up a Rubik’s cube, that classic 1980s toy of the year to get their brain cells working. Lego is also a good choice for those geeks who yearn for a bit of stress busting fun after a particularly stressful day at work. Lego can be like therapy.

Arcade Games

Do you remember when you used to head to the bowling alley just so you could play Street Fighter II Turbo in the arcade? Now you can emulate this game in a handheld form. Preloaded with over one hundred arcade retro classics from Donkey Kong to Mario Bros and from Sonic the Hedgehog to Centipede, these LCD games are ridiculously cheap but can produce hours of fun for the ardent geek. Video gaming has become super advanced, online and realistic. Sometimes, the simpler 8-bit pixellated graphics are the best.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you have deeper pockets and want to splash out on a piece of technology that you know your buddy won’t have, then why not purchase an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner this Christmas? This powerful tiny vacuum can sense boundaries such as walls and other obstacles, and uses its dirt detection sensors to hoover your home in the most intelligent way possible. There is also an app to go alongside it so you can control your hoovering from your phone. If this wasn’t enough, the Amazon powered Alexa is also supported so you can control the cleanliness of your carpets with your voice. Mind. Blown.

In the twenty-first century it’s all too easy to go down the route of computer games, VR headsets and any other gadget that is WiFi enabled in some way. However, this festive season forgo the technological advances and go for something a little kookier or old school to satisfy the nerdy cravings of your geeky pals.

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