Now that the children are back to school many of us are thinking about winter: Halloween; Christmas; cold weather. This is the time of year we think about making sure our central heating is working properly, stocking up on fuel for the open fire and digging out those hats, scarves and gloves.

Our oven was out of bounds for most of the summer – it was just too hot to deal with heat from a fan oven, let alone to think about eating hot food! Now as the weather is cooling down we’re cooking baked potatoes and proper autumn comfort food. The slow cooker will be out soon!

Predictably, after a hot summer lots of sites are now predicting sub-zero conditions and an Arctic winter. Whether they’re right or wrong, this is one of those situations where it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’d rather have a big, thick winter coat and never need it than end up doing the school run in a hoodie!

One thing many of us often overlook at this time of year is preparing our cars for the cold winter months. Here are some things you can do:

    • Make sure the engine coolant is topped up with antifreeze. This is really important because when the temperature starts to drop, you don’t want to be caught short!
    • Clean your lights and make sure they are all working properly. Cleaning lights is not something we often think about, but dirty lights are harder to spot in poor weather conditions.
    • Check your windscreen wipers. You need to make sure that when there is rain and sleet out there, you can still see.
    • Check the battery – and make sure you have jump leads in the boot in case of emergencies.
    • Check your tyres to make sure they have enough tread on them. If you’re not sure about tread, your local garage should be able to help.
    • Put together a winter breakdown kit with things like blankets, snack foods, a torch etc in case you do break down in cold weather.
    • Look into breakdown cover. Many people swear by this as that added bit of reassurance.

When you book your car in for a service your mechanic will check a lot of these things for you, as well as making sure that your car is in good working order and roadworthy. The last thing you want in the middle of winter is to break down somewhere so a service can be a good idea to make sure you catch any potential issues before they become major problems.

People often ignore or are unaware of the devastating effects the weather can have on vehicles. Car care is equally important, for peace of mind and a stress-free drive – taking care of your car is a must. It’s also important to bear in mind that negligence towards vehicle maintenance can lead to consequences. Although all vehicles have an MOT once a year, it is our responsibility as vehicle owners to ensure they are roadworthy and safe all year long. A service now may catch something small and inexpensive which if left could become big, expensive and dangerous.

What are you doing to make sure your car is ready for the cold winter months?

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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