Welcome to this week’s card reading, which is using the Work Your Light Oracle deck.

Here’s how this works: take a deep breath and calm your thoughts. Look at the image below; if you have a specific question hold it in your mind as you decide which card (or cards) you are drawn to. I usually just pick one, but it’s ok to pick two – or even more if you feel like it! Once you’ve chosen your card, scroll down and take a look at the photo and write-up to see which your card was, and what it means.


Next week’s reading could be with a different deck of cards; keep an eye out on Facebook for a poll as to which one I should use.
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Here are this week’s cards:


1.Keepers of the Earth
work-your-light-keepers-of-the-earthYou are not alone. Ancient ancestors stand beside you.

We often feel alone when we’re on a spiritual path; it can feel like nobody really gets us or understands what we’re going through. That is never the case though and whatever you are going through right now, this card has come up to tell you: you are not alone. You are supported by a team of beings who are here to help and guide you every step of the way. All you need to do is ask for help and they will provide it. This week, ask for help with your journey, and then spend a little time in silence, listening to how your body feels about this situation. You might get a feeling in your gut or your heart that helps you to decide which direction to head in. This can feel pointless, but if you get used to doing this the signs will be easier for you to read as you increase your connection.

2. Warrior Woman
work-your-light-warrior-womanIf you weren’t afraid, what would you do?

This is an inquiry card, so it’s asking you to think about the question it holds. What are you being called to do that requires more courage than you feel you currently have? If you had no fear around the situation, what would you do now? Often the thing we are most afraid to do is the one that will make the biggest difference to our lives. Your ego creates fear to protect you from the unknown – but also to protect itself from extinction. It wants you to be afraid of the unknown so that you don’t venture outside of its comfort zone and find that it is unnecessary for survival. Wayne Dyer refers to the ego as Edging God Out – it’s pursuing its own agenda rather than that of your soul or spirit connection. 
The universe has great plans for you; do not allow fear to hold you back! This week, put aside a little time to spend alone, thinking about what you would do if you were not scared of failing. Then, pull on your big girl pants and take some action!

3. Pillar of Light
work-your-light-pillar-of-lightYour vibration is rising. You are the oracle.
We often feel as if we can’t have a spiritual connection or receive guidance without an intermediary – a priest or a medium or someone reading cards for us. This card is here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Whilst it can be helpful to see another person’s interpretation of things, you yourself are your own oracle and you can do this for yourself if you wish. Your vibration is rising because the vibration of the planet is rising. All you need to do is work on that inner connection to Source and you will be your own oracle; you already are. 
This week, meditate in silence and imagine yourself as a pillar of light connecting Heaven and Earth and all realms in between. Imagine this light coming through your physical body, raising your vibration as it goes and linking you with the ancient eternal wisdom of the Earth and source energy. You are the oracle.

4. Inner Temple

work-your-light-inner-templeDevotion. Tune in to the portal of your heart.

This is an action card; you are being called to take action this week. Create an inner temple in your heart; become a devoted student and incorporate devotion into your life. This could be through meditation, prayer, journaling or some other regular practice. Develop and work on a daily practice where you can spend time with your soul and take care of your inner being. If you can develop this connection with your inner self/higher self/intuition – whatever you want to call it – all of your questions will be answered. The answers are already there but you can’t hear them over the noise of your day to day life.
This week, dedicate a little time each day to your daily practice, whatever that is. Think of this as your self care ritual which will benefit everyone in the long run.


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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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